Kingsport, Tennessee
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I have a woman in Brazil. She gave me her number.

I called and asked straight talk how to call her. The employee said to throw away my new $50 US unlimited plan and buy a $60 international card and add it to my phone. That is all they said. I did.

I lost my new plan. The international card was $66 after tax. I added it and made my call and could not even get through. After speaking to a "customer service representative" again....

they told me that area wasn't covered by them and I had to feed their crackhead company another $10 for a global card. While I was buying a global card... I discover that if I kept my US plan I would of only had to add this $10 card to call my woman. I am trying to get a refund but they are not willing and are difficult at every step and rude.

One supervisor hung up on me and I had to begin again.

Another person would not transfer me to her supervisor. This is a 3rd world phone company and I hate it with a passion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $118.

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Yeah they are and out in the desert


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What a joke