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Straight talk unlimited data scam

I just got a straight talk phone after using another carrier that has no service here I had an unlimited plan with the same terms but theirs were real I had unlimited data. I can't even get an answer as to why they cut my data down. The rep quoted things that were not written in their terms lied to me then transferred me to a "department" that was really a recording. I am considering suing them for false advertising and misrepresentation. I apparently have to type 100 words, there was an advertisement on the package stating that if you wanted YouTube or (and it listed the services the rep quoted as being disallowed) to get the unlimited data plan for forty five dollars so I splurged on the good phone. The lady can't even tell me why I was downgraded on my bandwidth.
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Geovani Ssw
map-marker Cape Coral, Florida

Poor customer service, breach of personal information.

I had the 45.00 unlimited talk/text automatically taken out on a credit card. No problems with service for over two years. Six months ago I changed the billing to a different credit card, because I closed down this old card account, every month they bill the new card and everything is fine. Today my friend calls and said my cell phone is not working, I try to use it and it has been shut off for non payment! When I called to find out what happened, all they keep saying is my card refused payment, when I give them the card no. they say no that is not the card no. Their using the card that was closed six months ago, and have no record of the card no. they have been billing for the last six months!!! I had to give them all the information again to get the same service that I had, that was terminated by them, that they have no record of. Two supervisors and a manager can't tell me why my service was shut off, or why the wrong credit card had been billed, or why they didn't have the currant information for my account. I will be looking for a new cell phone carrier. Their service sucks!
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Unsatisfied customer

I have called Straight Talk for 3 days trying to get another phone to work,after buying a battery for the phone .I called to get it going,They could not. So they sent me a new sim card to fit this phone.Called today to get it activated, to put it short and nicely-----they don't know what they are doing!!!!!Now I have 2 Straight talk Phones ,2 sim cards,AND NEITHER ONE WILL WORK.They messed up on their end with the numbers now they can't fix it. I am so disappointed with Straight Talk if I had the money I would change in a flash.Thats why people go to Straight Talk to save money but when they seem to not know what to do to help it makes no sense to have it.I would really like to talk to someone that is in charge, and could get something done.I need HELP!!!!!!
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Phone broke won't give me my airtime

Bought the 2 year plan to protect my phone the screen broke sent the phone out to get replaced the rep said id get a giftcard in mail after 22 days of not reciving the card I called and another rep said oh check your email and there was my giftcard printed it out went to walmart got new phone and they won't give me my days back I lost due to their mistake now I must buy another rep45.00 card before they will actuallyactivate my replaced phone when it was their mistake so I won't be using straighttalk any longer they ate rip offs and customer service sucks
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John D Lfh

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In my opinion be careful

Updated by user Jun 14, 2013

We finally resolved my issues after numerous and on going complaints and getting this moved up the ladder till someone placed someone in charge of getting this resolved and they did.

Original review May 14, 2013
I started with them a few months ago and have called in with phone issues numerous times. The last time I called they only had notes about my calling with issues once although I had called, emailed and attempted to post to their blog numerous times. My phone squeals in my ear while talking on it and each time I have called they have me do the same procedures and then tell me okay its fine... well it’s not. The other day I got my complaint elevated to a manager who spent time took notes and wanted to replace my phone. I was told they would send me a fed ex label and I should call them with the tracking number and they would send me a new phone. Well I did as they asked, called and gave them the tracking number for the returned phone, waited 24 hours and called to get the tracking number for the phone they were sending only to find out now that they will only send the phone after they get my phone back in their warehouse. This is not what 2 other managers had told me and now I may be waiting up to 10 days to get my replacement phone. Out of 4 people I spoke with 2 said one thing 2 said another and in my opinion no one there knows what they are talking about if you can get 2 different stories 50% of the time. No matter how cheap I would suggest carefully making a decision on using this service.
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map-marker Newark, New Jersey

Messed up.

I am entitled to tether when I want due to I pay the god dam bill and your taking my *** money. Don't limit me! When its my money you're enjoying I am entitled to sue you and take a lot more back. Keep *** with the people! Tethering is simple internet and you want to control what people do. You're not the god dam government and have no say what we do it don't do with the *** product we the *** people use our money for. Grow the *** up finally and quit your whiney ads *** control. What a ducked up way to do business! Messed up ***!
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Kye Onb
map-marker Fresno, California

Bought phone,returned less than a week, and have been waiting for thirteen days and straight phone

I bought a straight phone android dynamic and three days later had to call straight talk to have the wireless phone shipped to straight talk and straight talk was going to send me a new phone that was the 4th for March 2013? On the 9th of March I called straight talk and a recording said my straight phone order would arrive at my home address with in five day from the day that I had called. Than on the 15th of March 2013, I spoke to "Rouse" with straight talk in Customer Service. He said to wait a couple more days to recieve my order from straight talk? Than on the 16th of March 2013, I called straight talk and spoke to a young lady by the name of "JOAN" She was very "RUDE" and she said she couldn't find any tracking number on the phone I was telling her about so she said than to wait a few more days and see if I recieve it? I than told "JOAN" that not only did I have the TRACKING NUMBER, But I also had another number I was issued the first day that I had called the order in! I than gave "JOAN" the numbers that I had been issued so she could try to help me find out when I would recieve my phone I had ordered, "JOAN" than said she couldn't find out where my order was because the TRACKING number I had given her was the TRACKING number that sent my wireless phone back to Straight Talk and they haven't received it yet? I than told "JOAN" that she was mistaken Because I had Tracked the order all the way to the front door of Straight Talk (Brightpoint), And the shipping label that was sent to me to mail my wireless phone back to Straight Talk had already been received by Straight Talk on the 4th of March 2013! Now I told "JOAN" What is so hard about finding some information on when my wireless phone will be arriving to my home that I have already paid for and was told that Straight Talk would be just Exchanging the wireless phone for another NEW wireless phone to replace it? Than I said I think its time to speak to a supervisor? "JOAN" than told me"NO" I said what "NO" you won't let me speak to a supervisor? Or are you going to give me another excuse instead of telling me What is up with my order? Than "JOAN" said I am not giving you excuses, I said than transfer me to your supervisor.She than said if you would stop talking I would help you? than I said go ahead than? Than "JOAN" said I will try to reach a supervisor for you? "JOAN" Than put me on hold forever and no one ever came back to help me at all? I than called back so the next person could check out all information again and put me on hold for another twenty to thirty minutes and again no one ever finished helping Now I am out of about one hundred dollars plus, and don't have anything to show for what I spent the money on the Straight Talk Android Optimus Dunamic and Straight Talk has that phone too
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that company needs to refund our money and they need to be shut down

map-marker Thomasville, Georgia

Straight Talk Not Being Honest

Ok so it was 4 weeks ago now that i sent my phone off to straight talk. They said i would be receiving a phone in 3-5 bussines days but still no phone.I called 30 times and they tell me the same thing every time. So to day i called,31st time, and she said it should be here no later than 4:30 today and now its 6:03 and still no phone. Im *** at straight talk i actually put my trust in them. Like foreal. I dont know if u should sew or what. Then agin ima call the bbb.
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Esmerelda Iep

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| map-marker Columbus, Indiana


I purchased an unlocked AT&T Iphone on line. I then called straight talk and purchased a sim card through them. I was told that it would work for most all phones I specifically asked if it would be compatible with my AT&T Iphone 3 GS they said yes. So I purchased it, when it arrived I put the sim in the phone it then read it and said no service. No bars showed up it did nothing. I then called straight talk yet again and told them my issue and I was transferred. I began to tell the next person who was very rude and kept repeating the same information. So by this time I'm getting pissed off and very upset. I told him that I understood that I needed a new sim card that was AT&T compatible and I said send me one. He stated I would have to purchase the new one but I would have to purchase it through I said well that's fine give me my money back for the other sim card and he stated they do not give refunds. I got furious, and asked to be transferred to a manager. I talked to the him explained what was going on, and he stated it WAS there mess up and I would be credited for the days lost and a month free service I was pleased. So I get on the Walmart website at work the next morning only to find out that the sim card is not available at this time. I then called straight talk back and they said check multiple places in different states because only eight states sell the sim card I need I said ok we went through multiple places in almost all those states and they all said the same thing not available. So I asked to be transferred to a manager again and he stated that they will tell me the same thing. I said "I did not ask for your opinion I simply asked to be transferred". he stated stay on the line while I locate one. He did not even put me on hold he just put the phone down I could hear lots of noise in the back round. He would pick the phone up periodically and say he was still trying to locate someone for me, then just put the phone back down not even on hold. This went on for a good thirty minutes and I finally got tired of being treated like that, so I hung up. So I have been without a phone for four days going on the fifth one and I have sick grandparents and health issues of my own that I have to have a phone in case of an emergency. My problem is still unresolved and they stated for me to check back periodically on the Walmart website for available sim cards. So its hard telling how long I will be without a phone. I am not pleased and I will probably be switching to AT&T go phone if they do not help me resolve this issues quick, fast, and in a hurry.
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Annalia Nci
map-marker Danville, California

Hard time paying

the walmart where i live in chico california does not have any 45$ sevice cards available.they tried talking me into buying a 60$ card.i have no use for international calling so i had to buy a pre paid card. then when i tried to pay the bill over the phone they wanted the serial number of the phone. i was doing this for my girlfriend and didnt have any of this info. im disgusted with this phone sevice. i talked all of my family into switching to this service but if the walmart in my area cant provide service cards and your employees are gonna need my name rank and serial number to pay a bill i dont think we will go through all this drama next time id rather buy a new phone than have to go through a debriefing again
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map-marker Sun City, Arizona

Phony company

Within the first 4 days I spent over 6 hours collectively on the phone with "customer service/tech support" The company is a joke, do not buy their service or their phones, their customer service is out of the Philippines, they are full of hot air LITTERALLY. There is no hope, turn back now! These people will transfer you to no end until you lay rotting and stinking in the earth! Then continue to ask you the same dumb questions to waste your time until you go mad and hang up. It is the epitome of insanity. DO NOT DO IT!
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map-marker Dallas, Texas

"Unlimited" plan NOT unlimited!

Ishu have been a straighttalk customer for quite a while now, and I must say that their "unlimited" data plan is definately not unlimited! I have had my internet access totally shut off before, so I contacted the company. I spent 4 hours repeatedly calling or being put on hold (waited over an hour at one point and never got to speak to anyone.) I finally got to speak to someone that could actually speak english clear enough to tell me. I had been using too much data. I asked how this is possible on an unlimited plan, and the response I got was "I am sorry but we cannot reactivate your internet service." I bought a new phone and got a new number, and now the problem that I have is that if I spend much time at all online, I eventually lose 3g service for 24-48 hrs regardless of my location, even if someone standing right beside me with an identical phone & service provider has full 3G service! I do not reccommend this company to anybody
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I hate the fact tht i will b on the internet and i get the page not available, and i cant go anywhere else from that. The video streaming is horrible! My proclaim just got sent back because its being replaced but because of all these experiences /fomments im scaredill just get bs from them.


FILE A BBB COMPLAINT! --It's what I did and they eventually reactivated my phone and added on 4 months of free service.

@Raydon Lhn

What was it that you did?


This is Beccah, Idk my log in. I filed a BBB report and had to buy a new phone, get a new number and pay for service.

After 4 months I finally got it resolved with BBBs help and they reactivated my phone and included 4 months because that's how long it took to figure it out. And mine was because someone else used too much data and I activated a phone with the same number so they assumed it was me


It doesn't seem to matter what I do online, they still seem to pull my 3g service if I'm online for any period of time at all. Seems strange considering I live within site of the cell tower (isn't a problem with signal, they're limiting data usage to almost nothing.) I find it funny people can say it was adult websites when I was in a relationship for almost 5 months and had absolutely not been on an adult website during that time frame and still had this problem.

"Unlimited" is a word they use to get customers. Once you buy their phone and service plan, it is up to them how much data you are allowed to use. They have good phones and a great price, if they would make their unlimited plan truly unlimited WITHIN REASON! I can understand it being a problem if someone is using 15g a month or more, but there's no way I've ever used that much.

I never went over 8g in a month when I had a laptop with wifi and used Skype every night to talk to my girlfriend. I bet the people marking this as b.s.

work for the company... seems to me like the countless complaints of this same problem would tell you something


My Daughter has had her data use restricted by straighttalk. They put her thru to a "data specialist" when she called them and it turned out to be a recording telling her how to use less data to avoid being restricted.

I read a statement online from ST that basically says if they think you are tethering your phone to other devices they have the right to cut your data use off.

BS I say... :(


Apparently *** is a no go. That's what they told me even thouh i'm over the age of 18.

I guess this is happening on a rapid scale lately. They don't acknowledge what unlimited is. Just acknowledge the fact that it is an available option. They can kick you off for any reason.

Good luck dealing with these Indian tools. :( :roll


It was adult websites.

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Saryah Xax
map-marker Nashville, Tennessee

Excessive data

Updated by user May 02, 2013

I forgot to add on while Wal-Mart is the exclusive dealer for this company they DO NOT encourage their associates to use it. It's not one of the companies that they have negotiated a discounted rate for. I really should have paid attention to that before i joined up with them.

Updated by user May 02, 2013

Since my last post I have gone back to a contract phone. But that wasn't the end of the fun Straight Talk decided to have with me.

I had my new carrier port my number over to their service about 2 weeks before my refill would have occurred. The new carriers tech support said with the 5 minutes that he has spent on the phone with Straight Talk's tech support he was surprised I had stayed as long as i did.

The other day I get an email saying that my service refill is coming up and blah blah blah. I called them up and explained that I had removed my phone number and myself from their service and that they needed to make sure that I wouldn't be billed for another month. The guy on the other end apparently heard "I want to unenroll (their word) for the auto refill for my phone." His response was to rattle off that I save money by having it taken straight from my account. I again said i wasn't with them anymore I am not supposed to be billed by them again and could he please make sure i wasn't going to be billed again. He tells me he can unenroll me in the auto refill but that being so close to the payment date it will still take the money out of my account. I had to take a deep breath at this point, and make sure i was hearing this correctly "so since i removed my phone number and myself from your services well before the new payment cycle started but i didn't unenroll with one of you i still have to pay for a month i'm not going to use with you?" "Ma'am you can always request a refund." "i shouldn't have to ask for a refund for something i'm not purchasing." "i'm sorry ma'am there's no way to stop the computer from doing this."

I assured the guy there was something i could do and wished him a wonderful day. My next phone call was to my bank talking to them for 5 minutes explaining the situation. Because it was linked to my debit card they couldn't stop the payment but i could cancel my card and pick the new one up the next day at my local branch. Which is what i did.

Today i get an email telling me that my phone is going to be shut off if i don't buy a refill card. Wait i thought that wouldn't kick in until next month?

Original review Apr 01, 2013
Last night my phone starts flashing an error code 67. No big deal i just have to call tech support and they'll fix it like they did last month. wow was i wrong. i have just spent 3 HOURS trying to get somebody to listen and turn my data back on. apparently i was using excessive data and they cut off the date portion of my UNLIMITED plan. i tried to stay polite but some of the people were just so down right rude and arrogant. they kept transferring me to some Data department that was nothing but teleprompts, after they assured me that there was going to be a human at the other end of the line. It took me almost an hour and 5 phone calls to have them track down how much is considered excessive data (apparently 1.5 gb). They then were pretty much accusing me of breaking their Terms of Service, "well do you have a home computer ma'am?" "yes i do." "well ma'am you can't use your phone to connect your home computer to the Internet." "I'm not" "well ma'am that is just an example of something we call tethering." So i go round and round and round trying to get somebody that can turn my data back on. i keep hearing "oh we're not allowed to do that" or "oh we can't do that from here." Somewhere in that company is somebody that can turn on the data, they can over ride the computer and fix the issues, which apparently they're having a ton of. i finally had enough and asked to talk to the ranking manager that was on duty since nobody else would listen, i waited on hold for almost 30 minutes only to hear the phone pick up and then get hung up. I called back and from the start said i want to speak to the ranking manager that is currently on duty in the company. repeated the issues over and over and over again. i finally find somebody that's semi listening (i think) the most she'll, do cause she can't turn on the data, is give me 5 free days at the end of this service cycle. Now hang on, she can't give me my data back but she can give me 5 days of free service at the end of this cycle; so instead of going 4-6 days without my data I'd be going 9-11 days without the data. I've had it with this company, yeah the price is good but i never had issues like this with my contract phones. time to go back.
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map-marker Austin, Texas

Bad mobile service, bad customer service

I had Verizon and went to Straight Talk because the bill was so much lower. You get what you pay for. At least when I had Verizon, I could make a call, keep a call, and send and receive SMS and MMS. I drop almost ALL of my calls now. It's like 1997 on this service. 2 out of 3 times I try to make a call, I just get this awful screeching sound. Probably 1/3 of the calls I receive, I don't hear anything from the other side. Never had this problem before I had Straight Talk service. My SMS messages often take forever to send, and MMS messages can literally take most of a day. When my wife tries to send me MMS messages, I usually don't get them. Customer service is obviously outsourced to a non-English speaking country. They understand enough to know you're having a problem, but in the two times I have called, it has been nearly impossible to get them to understand the specifics of my issue. I wish I spoke any other language as well as they speak English, but still, it's not good enough for customer service.
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Mckell Fdk
map-marker Republic, Missouri

Suspension of interenet and *** phone

when i got my income taxes i got me a samsung galaxy 2 from wal mart i had it for about a week and i had to send it in becasue the phone was working but it was getting so hot that it was melting the battery, well i did every thing they asked and got my phone back well when i got it back they told me i was gonna get three months for free didnt get it and my phone was slow and it was suppose to be fast even the internet was suppose to be fast my first phone was fast and new, well any way i i have been using my other phone for like 1 month or 2 and well after paying 45 dollars for a unlimited card my internet was suspended, so they said and the only thing i do is get on facebook and download free music not suppose to take up data because it suppose to be unlimited im not happy with this, i would turn my phone back in becasue this phone is burning up to and i am not on it for long at all and i dont have it plugged in, unless i need it charged, i bought two 45 dollar cards
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straight talk its bull *** after 5 days of my activation of my phone they suspended my internet why they lie to ppl unlimited and its limited and second thing i am so freaking pissed because every time u call they cant say why and how much u used but u used to much and they trying to tell me how to use my phone i dont understnad if u say unlimited how can u limit me idiots *** them and hope all ppl will stay away from this prank from them so they dont egsist anymore


When I got my income taxes i went to wal-mart and bought a Samsung galaxy s2. I had to return it the next day because something was wrong with the piece that your charger fits into.

Wal-mart refunded my money and I went to another wal-mart (since that one was out of stock) and bought another galaxy s2, I had the phone 2 months and it slid off my couch to the floor and shattered the under screen. I called straight talk customer services and they sent me the package to mail that phone in. a week later I get a RECONDITIONED galaxy s2 that has the same problems the first one I took back to wal-mart had. They said I had to let the battery charge for at least 5 hours and then try to take out the battery and turn it on...

I did that and NOPE wouldn't work. SO now I have to call them back again and complain. I am a SINGLE MOM of TWO kids. I need a phone and I do not have 299 to go buy another one plus I lost the time on my other phone.

IM ONE PISSED OFF MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( ! :( :( :(


I did exactly the same thing you did back in February with my tax money. I have been with Straight Talk for 3 year prior.

I bought a smartphone for one reason and one reason have the advantage of all the apps and features the smartphone has. And now I am stuck with a $300 phone that is not worth ***. Glad I did not buy their Iphone 5 for $649.00. Feel sorry for the ones that have.

Moving my service to T Mobile after numerous phone calls to their customer service and talking to the Walmart cell techs. TMobile does offer TRUE unlimited data. If you do not talk much then you can purchase a $30 plan per month at Walmart for TMoblie with 100 talk minutes and unlimited data and text.

Data you can use to stream video, watch netflix and anything else. :(


I bought a sraight talk smart phone with unlimited data. one month later

they disable the data i cant open almost any web page or play vodeo.i called many times but nothing. any one trying to buy a straight talk phone is wasting his money.

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