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Got a new AT&T phone. So I bought a SIM card activation kit so I could use then AT&T phone.

After nearly 2 hours on the phone with the customer service rep he told me that my newly purchased SIM card was defected.Since they had already started the transfer of my service from the old phone to the new sim card I had to wait another 3 hours for my old phone to work again.So they shipped me another sim card that I received 9 days later. For some reason I couldn't activate it online. So I called customer service and after about 1 hour they got the transfer started. 3 hours later it finally finished the transfer.

Went to pop it into my new phone to realize it was the wrong size SIM card. Got back on the phone with the customer service got a new SIM shipped hopefully the right size.Then I proceed to get my service transferred back from the wrong size SIM to the original phone I was using. The first person said they could not transfer it back yet because the original transfer wasn't complete. Which is crazy cause It had been almost 6 hours since the original transfer took place.

That person transferred me to someone else. This person spent 1 hour "fixing the problem" but when she was done she said well sir I was able to get your service completely transferred to the SIM card.(the one that was the wrong size) . So I explained to her that that was not what I needed because it was the wrong SIM card to begin with. Si I stayed on the phone another 1 until they finally started the transfer from the wrong SIM to my original phone.

So now like 8+ hours later I am waiting for this few minute-few hour transfer process to be done. Then in another week when I get hopefully the right size SIM I get to start this all over.

All the straight talk employees i encountered were polite and never rude but just not very good at there job. Sorry for grammar issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

Reason of review: all of the above besides payment,pricing,and warranty..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Tech support, Delivery, Employee knowledge, Online customer service chat.

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Having the sameness issue now. Switching services instead

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