Bought new phone at walmart and the unlimited talk,text and data for a month with straight talk. $59 for the phone @ $55 for the service. Got home and tried to activate the phone and it would not activate. Aftet 2 days of fooling with the phone they finally figured out...
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Straight Talk Wireless - Hurricane Michael

We had no service or in and out service. Having to drive over 30 min away to get any service from our normal area. Does Straight Talk plan to compensate customers for the lack of service that had been already paid for through pre-paid? I have been with Straight Talk for several years with three current phones. I would like to think as a valued customer that something would be compensated. Thanks

Straight Talk Wireless - No service

No service on Muskogee ok. Calls to straight talk will not go through. When I called from home (Arkansas). They told me to contact them where I didn't have service. Well duh if I had service I wouldn't have to contact them
Advertised vs Delivered
Billing Practices
Coverage Area
Customer service
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Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
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During hurricane Michael in Panama City, all of Verizon's towers were knocked out. My phone was straight talk running off Verizon towers. We had no service at all for a week, no data at all for 16 days and then mostly nonexistent data. I called straight talk several...
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Straight Talk Wireless in Sanford, North Carolina - Not happy about not having hotspot option on my phone anymor

I use the ultimate unlimited plan and now my new phone dont have the hotspot option well it does its just blocked by them i know this to be fact but if im paying for it why do they care how i use it
I Was told that I can't use my own data plan as a personal hotspot to share with my son when he's in the car. Just switched to Straight Talk because it was $10.00 cheaper per month. Well I am switching back when my plan runs out. Was told by Straight Talk Rep. that I...
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I liked
  • Coverage area
I didn't like
  • Told i needed to purchase a hotspot device
  • Unable to use my data that i paid for
As of October 10, 2018 and Hurricane Michael hit land from Panama City Beach to Tallahassee Florida, Straight Talk service went out and it took two weeks to get a very weak signal and as of today we are still having issues.
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Straight talk told me (as all 6 phones in my household are through this service) "it is a pay ahead plan and therefore there is nothing that can be done. Yet in order to try t...

Lisa Marie Sharp
Lisa Marie Sharp

I received no resolution so when AT&T offered me a free phone I took it. Customer service was of no help. I had to have things repeated several times and received rude remarks...

Straight Talk Wireless - Said my phone doesn't work

I tried renewing online and it said it didn't have my phone number. Customer service( if that's what u call it) SUCKS!!!. Don't do straight talk. I got my 30 day service then they can't help me anymore! Say my phone doesn't work with them, that's funny I'm talking with them on my phone. Ugh! Stress!!
I switched to Straight Talk Home because they advertise that you can call any number in the U.S. Every week we discover more numbers that won't accept our calls. The first 5 or 6 that wouldn't accept our calls, we said "oh well, we can just use our tracfone." When we...
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I liked
  • Price would be good if st provided the advertised service
I didn't like
  • Poor service quality
  • Customer service
That I’ve seen Straight Talk offer no assistance to the hurricane victims in Georgia and Florida is appalling. I’ve been in their shoes during Ike, Rita, and recently Harvey, and communication is key to survival. Verizon and a couple others stepped in during these...
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