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Update by user Jul 26, 2012

update: after the second sim card did not fix the problem they unregistered the card. I was without a phone for a day and a half while I waited for a sim card to be overnighted.

When it got here my phone worked for 12 hours before they deactived it. I had to call and have them turn it back on all while I still had 17 days of service left and the picture mail and internet STILL did not work. In the mean time the unregistered my husbands sim card while he was out on the road and left him without a phone. He had to go buy another phone he still had 17 days paid up on his account.

When he got home 5 days later and put the new sim card in his, he was unable to get incoming calls. 1 and 1/2 hours later they could not fix it and wanted to send yet another sim card and we said you can have the phones back and we want a FULL REFUND to which they replied they would only refund the money for the phones and not the airtime. I had already sent a compliant to the BBB and the FCC. After getting the BBB complaint they offered me half of the money back on the airtime.

But 2 days later I got a full refund on my CC when they got the FCC complaint.

I was a nightmare dealing with them for a month,, but I got all the money back. They are a very bad company and if you have been screwed over by them don\'t give up you may just get lucky like I did

Original review posted by user Jun 25, 2012

I ordered 2 ST phones and 2 $45 cards. Activated them with no problems.

Tried to send pictures phone send cannot send/retrieve messages. Tried to get online phone said insuffant memory. I called them they ran tests and told me they needed to send out a new sim card. Got that, called and they reactivated that sim on my phone.

Did not fix the problem. Spent another hour on the phone just to find out they need to send another sim card out. They say that will fix the problem. I highly doubt it.

So $45 for talk and text could have went to metro for $25 for the same service. Not pleased and from what I have read they will not give people credit when THEIR PHONES are not set up right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

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