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Update by user Aug 25, 2021

So far, Straight Talk has not attempted any resolution.

Original review posted by user Aug 25, 2021

I purchased the $495 phone card on 2 August 2021 and have been calling for a refund since 23 August 2021. The reason is that I am moving out of the country to South America.

I was originally told by a Straight Talk representative (a couple months ago, before purchasing a new plan) that I would need to 'unlock' my phone for it to work in South America. For this reason, I unlocked my phone and purchased the 1-year minute card to have my phone service available during travel, only to later discover that no, Straight Talk service will not work outside of the United States.

I have both tried the online help and the phone help, only to be passed along to several representatives (John, Charles, Charley, and several others who's names must be too concealed to speak audibly to the calling customer), then after waiting for them to 'enter documentation' or 'look things up', the half-hour or longer call is continually 'disconnected'. I have talked to 8 different representatives only to be passed along and then hung up on, a total of hours upon hours of phone calls surmounting without any genuine service. The representative says they are 'looking' for things, and then the call hangs up.

I was as patient as I could be with the poor (actually rotten beyond measure) service, but I then was forced (on 23 August 2021) to ask to speak to a manager.

The one manager on 23 August 2021 passed me again to another refund representative, who seemed helpful (Charles), but he said that I needed my Walmart receipt in order to submit a 'ticket for a refund' for the minute card and that I could call back once I had it (through the main system, without any direct phone number or any direct way to speak to the same representative who already knew of the situation), but that he would document that I needed a refund ticket made so that the other representatives would be informed.

2 days later, today, 25 August 2021 (still within 30 days of purchasing the card) I attempted again to call Straight Talk, go through all of the mechanical process, explain the same situation for the tenth time or so, be passed to the refund department, and remain on the line until the representative again hung up on me at 24 minutes into the call (or whatever happens where ST continually hangs up on their customers). I called back, asked to speak to a manager again, and was redirected to the refund department for again, the tenth time or so, and I asked again for a manager, because ever other call has ended in being hung up on (excluding the call on the 23rd with the Charles). The manager eventually answered and spoke very quietly, you are never given their names at an audible level. It sounded like "Ann" but who knows.

After she took 19 minutes to type, she tried to speak in which I asked her very nicely if she could speak a little louder because she was very hard for me to hear. The line went completely quiet for 5 minutes and then hung up after the 5 minutes (at 24 minutes). I waited again for a call-back. There was one "this time" but when I answered it immediately hung up.

I have been a customer with Straight Talk for the last 5 years.

The service of pre-paid minute cards seems fine. But if you ever, ever need actual customer service, help, or refunds from Straight Talk, the customer may as well count their money as gone and lost, and not to expect any genuine customer service from them, or any correct information. If you try the online chat service as the phone recording recommends, you are only given the recommendation to call the phone operation anyway, because the chat team 'only has limited access'. Straight Talk wastes the customer's time and money and cares absolutely nothing about the paying customer who has used their service for the past 5 years.

If I do return to the U.S.

I will never again give to Straight Talk one cent, nor will I recommend their service to another person ever. to a single person evA

User's recommendation: Do not choose Straight Talk if you ever plan to need customer service.

Monetary Loss: $495.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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