We purchased a new Android phone from the straighttalk website about a month ago. After 1 week it shut off and would not turn back on.

We called tech support and were instructed to send in the phon, which we did. It took 11 days from that point for them to receive our broken phone until we received the replacement phone. We charged the replacement phone and then called to activate it, and to out surprise we could not activate the replacement phone. We called them back, after talking to multiple people we were told we had to wait 24 hours and to call back.

We called the next day, and we were still unable to activate the phone. We were told we would need to fax them the order confirmation and proof of ownership for the original phone, and to call back after 5pm. We called back after 5pm and are then told that the dept (loss prevention) has left for the day, and to call back tomorrow (which is now today). I called back today, we still cannot activate the phone.

I have spoken to "supervisors", "managers", and even someone in "Loss Prevention" (they wont give their names), and are now being told we have to wait another 24 to 48 to 72 hours. They will not tell us why we can't activate the phone, the wont tell us why loss prevention is involved. As a matter of fact they hung up on me 3 times when I asked them why loss prevention is involved in getting this phone reactivated.

during one of the calls the lady tells me "IF they can activate the new phone", when I asked so you are saying that this phone may not be able to be activated and her response was "yes sir". In reading between the lines of what the workers have been saying and with loss prevention being involved it sounds like the replacmenet phone they sent us, is listed in there system as being a stolen phone so they wont activate it.

do yourself a favor and do NOT use this company

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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