NOT REALY ! STRAIGHT TALK phone warranty is a joke | Straight Talk Wireless in Phoenix, Arizona

If your phone is under warranty or insured and fails. They will send you SPECIFIC instructions of how to return your phone REGULAR MAIL, that takes five to seven days. Then 5 to 7 LATER, EXCLUDING weather ?, holidays and they're days off. They return you a phone REGULAR MAIL so the 15 to 20 something days you are without a phone their insurance and your warranty both read the same way. This is after resetting your phone Three times (2-3 Hours each) and they REEXPLAIN THE COMPANY RULES OVER AND OVER. WALMART WILL NOT HELP IN ANY WAY BUT YOU CAN BUY ANOTHER PHONE AND HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM. ZTE PHONES SUCK!!
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I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk. Do you still have issues with your phone?

If so, send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away.

Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number. Thanks.

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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service
I am pissed to find out that someone stole my active straight talk number. Moments after hanging up and tried to make another phone and was unable too. I called straight talk and was told my the rep that I had called to have my number transferred. This was a lie. I...
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i bought my phone is 2015, had the bring your own phone card sim card (straight talk card) activated it - used it for 2 years, then gave it to my son. he has been using it ever since.

i changed bank cards and updated my card at straight talk for both our phones for auto-refill. His phone was cut off overnight and now i was on the phone for 3 hours ans tranfered to 5-6 different people and told the IMMIE number is no good, the SIm card is no good- his phone is no good and i called his number- after they took my money and the number belongs to someone else

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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service
Since purchase of Samsung Galaxy "Precedent" android, I get a gray "lock" icon with the words, "Press Power Key at TOP to unlock." This comes back after about 5 seconds, and is annoying as ***. My friend bought the same phone on my recommendation, and now has a...
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I truly understands fully what everyone is saying. My phone number has been stolen not once but twice within a two month span.

When I talk to an rep. they give me the run around. Both men were arguing with me to say that I had transferred my number to another phone. Okay !!!!!!

If that was the case, why would I waste my time being on the phone with you, at this point, over 2 hours. COME ON NOW LETS GET REAL ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!! Then I have one to tell me the reason my phone was off because I needed to activate it. WOW!!!!!!!

When I asked was there any program in place to keep this from happening, he say yes your security question.

WELL I'M HERE TO TELL YOU THE SECURITY QUESTION DOESN'T MEAN A THING. THEY CAN STEAL YOUR NUMBER.I work too hard for my money and I have to have an active number due to sick and family.


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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service

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