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Was switching from AT&T to Straight Talk. Bought a Sim and the $45 unlimited plan.

I wanted to see if my phone was unlocked so I called tech support up and made sure that if I activate my SIM I would be able to transfer my number later. the Indian tech support person told me that it was possible so I went ahead and activated the SIM. When I went to transfer my number the new tech person said that once a SIM is activated, you can't change numbers. I said ok then send me a new SIM.

The person said no you need to purchase a new SIM. Talked with a supervisor and the only english words she knew were you need to purchase a new SIM. I tried to explain to them the economics of sending me a 50 cent SIM card vs losing me as a customer but they were unable to comprehend and continued to tell me that I needed to buy a new SIM card. After that I wrote an email to customer service.

They called me back and told me to purchase a new SIM card. If you are reading this and getting annoyed at how many times I use the phrase "you need to purchase a new SIM card" then you have reached the 1st phase of how furious I was when it was all that they could say to me.

In conclusion not only do I believe that the customer service is awful, they are complete incompetent *** who couldn't realize the economic benefit of eating a $.50 loss to gain a monthly subscriber.

Oh and to top it all off when I activated with T-mobile they said that they can switch numbers on SIM cards all day long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Thanks for the heads up. Gotta switch from Cricket.

Dropped calls have nearly ruined my business.

I thought Straight Talk would be the solution. But I don't think so now.