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I bought a plan and phone just after Christmas is now January 29, 2016 and I am STILL trying to get straight talk to port my old number over!

I have been lied to SO many times, I cannot possibly even count. Just today alone, I have spoken to a rep on the phone as well as 4 online CHAT reps and STILL no service. I entered my ticket number to check on my port and it showed there was a "problem processing my request to port my number" but my device actually disappeared from my account also. I got on chat with customer service...he assured me that the device will disappear from my acct while they process my request but will come back, and that their is no problem with the process on his end....just "give it more time". I'm still waiting 4 hours later.....I got another rep on chat who looked the ticket # up and said there is an incorrect PIN in the system so it cannot port.....of course there's an incorrect PIN...the woman on the phone who supposedly ported my number never asked me for my PIN.....

Oh yeah...the first rep I spoke with tonight was supposed to activate my new SIM before he ported my number. He did activate it, but then promptly deactivated it (I guess accidentally) so the woman on the phone told me I had to buy a new plan to reactivate. When I told her I wouldn't do that because I just bought a plan a few days earlier, then she was miraculously able to reactivate my phone just fine.

The agents typically speak English as a SECOND language so it's very hard to understand them and many are being trained while they "help" you....that means they have to ask someone how to do everything before they do it. Be prepared....all of your encounters with this company will take up HOURS of your time. They chat with several customers at once and the lag time is horrendous!

I am usually so laid back and nice. I feel like I'm on candid camera by the way things went and I would just love to cry right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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