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I am a former T-Mobile customer. I am moving to an area where T-Mobile does not have coverage.

I was told Straight talk would work in that area. I called and spoke with a representative...press one for English....I pushed one and I get a knock off of a representative that is from another country that CAN NOT speak English and does NOT understand what I am asking...let alone help me fix my problem. They took my credit card information charged me over $80.00 and the sim cards I paid for DO NOT and WILL NOT work in my phones. I explained in detail what I needed and asked specifically if this would work...I was told YES!

I was also told to "cut" the regular sim card down to the same size as the micro sim card and that it would work. This did not work either. I said I will send the sim cards back and they said NO you can NOT get a refund.

On top of calling a SO CALLED American Company with HQ's in Miami I always get transferred out of country to someone who can NOT speak English. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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I completely understand what you're going through, I dealt with the same thing about a month ago. I choose to bring your own phone option, had all the information I supposedly needed before I even called straight talk, and still was never able to get my phone turned on!!!

Get they had no problem whatsoever taking over $70 out of my bank account when I first called! Every single time I called I was transferred to an Indian person with a very American name like Sarah or Michael, and they were always a manager or supervisor LOL LOL!! My youngest child has epilepsy, just as every else my cell phone is extremely important to me, needless to say I can't believing them, and up going seven days until I finally demanded a refund. Which in turn took "we are very sorry man, you are in the 1% category of the people that it does not usually work for, unfortunately we cannot refund your one time fee of 1499 for the Sim card activation it will take 24 to 40 hours to refund your money" WHAT!!!

How could they get away with charging almost $15 for some card activation that was never activated? Is my fault I guess for allowing them to string me along for seven days, continuing to say we need 24 hours to reprogram your phone please give us 24 more hours mam, my goodness it is not worth saving the $10 a month compared to using PagePlus or Verizon!!!

I was seriously tempting to try again today, but I'm glad that I am not and will never use straight talk. Apparently it only works if you go to Walmart, buy a straight talk phone, and Byetta minute card thing or whatever LOL right then and there because there's no point calling customer service whatsoever!!!!

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