Madison, Alabama
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I signed up for straight talk's auto refill. I ran out of minutes on the day that they said was my service end date (basically, I ran out just before the reload). Since my credit card had already been charged by them, I called to see if they could go ahead and add the minutes.

In three calls, I got 4 different answers, "can't be done" and "as soon as we hang up the minutes will be on there for you" (this was a lie to get me off the phone), and "the only way to add more minutes is to buy another $30 card, but when your new month starts at midnight you will lose the remaining minutes on the $30 card you load today" and "it will either load in at 9 a.m or 9 p.m.".

None of the 3 people I talked to spoke English as a primary language, making it impossible to get them to understand me.

They kept spewing out oddities like "you have to remove the battery and then replace it" and "please hold while I verify your payment history" (uh...hello it's pay as you go... I think this was a reason to get me to hold and hopefully hang up) and "try pressing * once an hour until the minutes load in" (can you believe that ***?)

Straight talk clearly does not care about their customers.

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