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i called the cell phone company called straight talk to get some information that i needed because i had plan to change cell phone use later on after my 30 days services was over with them. I explained to the non English speaking women my situation and to why i was going to change over for my betterment and cost wise for myself a old senior citizen on retirement.

As i asked the question of what i needed the oriental non not well trying to speak English woman got really rude and hateful to me over the cell phone as i was asking my questions of what i needed from her so that i could be able to keep my cell phone number that i currently had she was so dam rude and loud the room that i was in with my friend and the nurse at the hospital could hear her and the way that she was speaking to me this was really un called for now she was Rep for straight talk cellular company that sales there item at walmart to many customers they heard her rudeness and as i was trying to talk she told me she was going to show me something she CUT off my cell services that day in which i still had over 900 minutes still left of service on 3/318 i was cut off no cell phone for over a month i called the next day 3/4/18 again a non English speaking man answered the phone kept me on hold off an on for 57 min then told me i cut my phone off on 3/2/18 I told him i never cut off my cell why would i cut off my cell when i still had over 900 cell minutes left of services days minutes to use. I called and ask a question of how could i be able to use the same number when i wished to change services at one point and time for cheaper reasons for myself. I am or was a customer and should be able to change services when i got ready after all this is a free country that i live in isn't it? But these people that are hired that can not speak English very well and we can not understand them and have try and get them to repeat or to talk slower to try and understand them then they get angry at us/you because we can't understand them at all they become so rude and ugly in tones back to you the customers that are buying there or these products in the being .

And a store like Walmart is selling it to us the American customers each month with our earned money that is keeping them in business and we have to be put down cursed at talked to so un-rudely and then have my cell cut off because i want to change to another cellular company it's my money that i am using after all not there's. And the BBB want help at all because i opt not to stay or take a offer from straight talk services to keep making me use them with there offer want to give me a new cell number and new 1500 minutes to stay with them when i want to opt out from there use in the first place they tried to make me stay again with them make me keep them when i have been put down and spoken to so rude and been up set and with out service for days and weeks. I thought i was free to decided what i wanted or whom i wanted us in America... I serviced in the military service i had the choice of the Army, Navy , Air Force, or Marines I liked the color Green so i choice the Army to served in i volunteered for my country military service.

And with straight talk they wanted me to except a new straight talk cell number because they cut me off in first place in which was so wrong all because of my asking a simple questions, the Rep got pissed off at me for this then the Corporate office wanted me to except a new cell number because it had been cut off by them she sent the wrong SIM card numbers to me i had to wait week for a SIM card she wrote the wrong numbers down to reactivate with and the offer expired days before giving me a new cell number with minutes that they took and i refused to take a new change she then the Corporate lady Betty Butler, offer to change and to keep them straight talk, that is as the cell provider on for me any i made a counter off this way i would NOT have to deal with them any longer She re-canter and close the case on me on 4/9/18.

I received NOTHING AT ALL . With my complaint i sent in evidence from the people that was in the room that heard this straight talk Rep being rude and so nasty to me over the cell phone i even still had my cell minutes card numbers when i purchase the card from Walmart with my 977 min left on it in March 2018

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: non English speaking phone Reps.

Preferred solution: my full refund of lost cell minutes.

I didn't like: Very rude and non english speaking.

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Hi. This is Ramel from Straight Talk Wireless.

We do apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced with our customer service. We are determined to help you in resolving your issue. Let us review your account so we can provide a thorough explanation and concrete resolution. As your service provider, we want you to be satisfied and happy with our service.

Please contact us via chat at For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

You can also use our self-service menu by simply texting the word HELP to 611611. We'll be looking forward to work with you.

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