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Changed my number without my consent or even knowing about it! After complaining, they disconnected phone! Customer service? What service?? Terrible!!

8/17/2013 7:45ish pm (CDT)

I called StraightTalk. Asked two questions: 1. Is it possible to change my current number to a number of my choosing? (Catherine?) informed me it was not possible. 2. How much does it cost to have your number changed? "Nothing. Do you want your number changed. I replied "No" and explained I may want to change it in the future and was mainly interested in getting a number of my own choosing if it was possible.

TO MY SURPRISE, after ending the call, I received a text from StraightTalk that I had a new number!!!! Outrageous!! I could not believe it!!!

I quickly called them back and spoke with (Crystal?). She explained that I will be receiving a new SIM card in the mail which will arrive in 2-3 days with my old number back on it. Three days? This is extremely unprofessional.... I thanked her anyway for helping me.

Shortly after getting off the phone with her I needed to make a call. TO MY SURPRISE AGAIN, my phone was disconnected!!!! Unbelievable!!!

I found a borrowed phone to call them back on. I spoke with (John?) and explained the situation. He was able to get my new number working again but gave me no comfort whatsoever that my old number could not be restored just as easy or with a little more effort. Three days is a long time to go with a new number when you rely heavily on people being able to contact you. My overall impression so far, from every person I spoke with, is that THEY GIVE AS LITTLE EFFORT AS POSSIBLE TO RESOLVE PROBLEMS and are also a bit RUDE AND ARROGANT.

Knowing I could potentially lose money (and I have) for not being able to be reached on my old number, and unsatisfied with the "efforts" that were put forth, and also wanting to file a complaint to the company about the extremely poor and unprofessional customer service I received, I decided to call back the next day and speak with a manager.

A man answers, "May I have the number you are calling about?"

I replied, "Yes. What is your name?"

He replies, "What is the number you are calling about?"

I reply, "What is your name?"

(I try to always ask. I like to know with whom I am speaking.)

Instead of telling me his name, he continues to ask me again, a third time or even fourth, "What is the number you are calling about?"

I reply frustratedly, "What? You don't have a name? I am asking you for your name. What is your name?

He mumbles something but I could not make out what he said. I move on and explain that I had an extremely terrible experience with StraightTalk the previous day and would like to speak with a manager to try and resolve the issue and also to place a complaint. He said he would forward me to a manager.

A lady answers, introduces herself as the manager. Exhausted with the whole situation and previous man, I don't even bother to ask her name. She replies to my complaints as though I am speaking with a heartless zombie, simply reading a script back to me.

I could hardly make out what she was saying at times but did understand that nothing else could be done and that

TO MY SURPRISE A THRID TIME, my SIM would arrive in "3-5 days", not 2-3.

TO MY SURPRISE A FOURTH TIME, there is "no guarantee" that I would even be able to get my old number back.

Terrible news. Although not ready, considering the circumstances, I would be better off changing my number to my new area code and deal with the headache this way.

TO MY SURPRISE, the manager replies, "you have already changed your number once" and some how this counts against me?



She replied, "They couldn't even have changed your number without you answering some security questions."

I reply, "So this is my fault???"

She apologized and said, "It would take another 3-5 days to do this." The conversation ended.

I cannot emphasize enough, this company is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL.

*************I filed the above complaint with and below is what I filled out for the resolution section:***************

How about an apology, some assurance this won't happen again and that these matters will be investigated and dealt with?

If the conversation was recorded, please listen to it. Send it to me! Did this really happen? I still can't believe it!

Stop transferring customer calls to people who are cold, lazy and arrogant. If your employees English is not good, fine, but can they at least take the effort to repeat things back, your address for instance, so that you can confirm they recorded the correct information?

Can they confirm any major change they are making, so that your phone number doesn't get changed without you even knowing about it? Or so that your phone doesn't get disconnected without you knowing about it? Can they make the smallest effort to communicate clearly and not be rude when you are asking their name or any other question?

Even people with good English need to make an effort to know they are understanding each other when speaking on the phone. Repeating things, spelling things out, confirming what was said, etc... I don't believe the problem lies in their English language ability as much as it lies in the very little effort they seem to put forth in communicating or doing their job in any other matter.

I would really appreciate if you would address this situation.

Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I'm sorry, but there is no way you post $500 over a phone number when the standard plan is $50. Clesrly, you weren't listening to the CSR.


90% of the issues i see on here come from people not being able to or just flat out not reading the information provided to them by straight talk...this was your fault...and they fallowed straight talk policy...your all upset becouse your and *** that couldnt read the pertinent information that pertained to what you wanted. try reading their service plans and TOS agreements next time.. also 3-5 business days to have something shipped is standard.

TLDR your fault not theirs


:? That same thing just happened to me! I had my old phone for 12 years and I changed my payment method and they sent me a new sim card

with a new number that I didn't want!

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