Tulsa, Oklahoma

In December we bought 2 Straight Talk phones, one for my sister, one for my mother. In December I activated my sister's phone, it was a christmas gift, I went through the online activation process, shortly after finishing the phone messaged that I needed to call Customer Support. I called customer support, spent over an hour on the phone with customer support. They had me enter code after code and eventually the man said that the issue was a bad sim card and said they would mail a new one. Despite this the phone still made calls and sends texts. Thus the problem seemed fixed.

In January, we added my mothers line to the account. After doing this we again received texts to call Customer Service so we did. After 3 hours on the phone, They had us enter in code after code, and eventually the phones stopped getting the text message so they said the problem would never happen again.

In February, we added a month of service to each phone, then each received a message to call Customer Service. We called Customer Service, it was this time we got really pissed off. We kept reiterating that we were calling about 2 phones, with two numbers. They seemed unable to process such a monumental task. So, after being told different story after different story, and being put on hold for an extended amount of time, we called from a second phone and while simultaneously dealing with two separate representatives and receiving two stories from separate representatives. One claimed, it was because the inbox of the phone was full, they claim that when the inbox is full, the programming code bounces back. This was completely ridiculous because the inbox was EMPTY. On the second line the gentleman explained that it was a programming issue I asked him what we needed to do that would stop this from happening ever again. He updated the account, did something of this and that and PROMISED, this would NEVER happen again. The phones worked for the Month.

Lo and Behold in March it happened again. Before being able to add minutes it had us call customer support. They had us enter code after code the same thing happened. They claimed the inbox lie again. After nearly an hour, they said that it was done. We attempted to add minutes, then we got the text call Customer Service. We spent an hour on the phone entering codes checking serial numbers, we asked to be transferred to a manager, the person transferred us to a number that said the call volume was so great they were unable to take the call. We called again, this time we got a man, who after going through the same problematic process of entering codes, admitted he didn't have the tools to fix it. He claimed he was putting us through to a certain service representative who was more knowledgeable. After 24 minutes the phone was answered by a lady who clearly had no clue what was going on, she claimed to not have the phone number that has an account. We gave her the serial number and wow we do have an account and with the number we provided. After a further 20 minutes with her she transferred us to a manager line, which said the call volume wouldn't allow the call to be placed. We called again, this time we asked straight for a manager, we told him we didn't believe he was transferring us to a manager but hanging up on us. He Swore he wasn't, actually he was. The call volume was too great to allow us to call, click. We called again, asked for a manager, to walk over and answer this phone we we talking on. We were put back on hold. We finally were transferred to kirk and demanded to receive 2 free months, one for each phone. He said he could only give 10 days extension for one phone. we received no satisfaction.

I have Sprint and would rather have my *** kicked into my abdomen than switch to straight talk. If anyone has experienced something similar, I feel for you. I say $300 strictly for what I would get as an hourly rate at a typical work call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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