Alabaster, Alabama

In June after my plan auto renewed straighttalk decided to turn my data plan off said I violated the terms and conditions.which I knew I had the month of June I have no data plan on my phone also I called and they advised it would be fixed in 24 hours.which never was. Now it is July and my plan auto renewed and still no data plan.

This company is fraud. I pay of unlimited phone , text,and data and my data plan is off.everytime I call one person says its my phone,the next person says it will be fix in a few hours,and then they state my data plan has been reduced.but how can it be reduced with you can't access it .... This is my lasting with them if it states unlimited everything well it's not.

I have called so many times with nothing fixed.i hope this doesn't happen to anyone else an I have spoke with an attorney and they state this is fraud. So be ware

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I have had a very similar experience and if anyone can get a class action lawsuit filed let me know.


I've had the exact same problem, I enrolled in auto-refill and now when they charge the $45 to my account, my data shuts off and I can hardly send texts. A phone repair store managed to fix my data when it happened in June but this time there seems to be nothing they can do.

After multiple calls to ST customer service I finally got a human that tried to help me. We went through my APN settings and had me change some things and restart my phone. Nothing worked. She finally gave up, claimed she was transferring my call to her manager and that my problem would be fixed in 24-48 hours.

She transferred me (for the 100th time it seems like) to that wretched "data usage hotline" recording. I'm getting really fed up with this. I'm a college student. I get by.

I try to be careful how I spend my money.

I read the TOS before I joined ST and knew I would fit their requirements if they stayed true to their contract, sadly, they don't. Now I have to try and escape their $45 a month auto-refill plan so I don't keep losing valuable money that I work hard for.


This JUST happened to me today! I have the unlimited service plan.

the man told me I over used my data! Umm hello? Unlimited! He then proceeded to ask me if I used YouTube, internet radio or apps that require internet.

I told him I USED to but every time I have had straight talk the Pandora and YouTube quit responding after a couple days, IF they even work to begin with! He then had the nerve to tell me that he could check and see how and when I used my data!!

Like I was lying! :( Needless to say I will SOON be switching providers!