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Let me start by saying...if I advertise my apples being red, and you come and buy what you think is a red apple in a box, and you get it home, *** into it, and it's actually green, wouldn't I be sent to court for false advertising?

So, I have had Straight Talk for 3 years or so, ALWAYS bought the "Unlimited" service plan for $45.00, and never had any problems.

On Christmas my husband bought me the Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone, and I switched my number from my old phone to my new AWESOME smart phone.

The first month on my new phone was amazing. Downloaded music, games, synced with my PicsArt and Gmail, everything was hunky dorry. Only problem I kept having was when I would try to make an outgoing call. There was a 30-45 second lag before the phone would actually start to ring. Everytime I called Customer Service, they would tell me I needed to use the "Factory Data Reset" option to fix the problem. I did this three times. Never fixed it, but I figured it wasn't that much of a deal. I just call and put it on speaker until I hear it begin to ring.

Just the other day, I get a random phone call from (800)989-1506, and the automated message was so garbled and crazy sounding I could barely hear what the *** was trying to tell me. Supposedly, it was a warning call from Straight Talk telling me that my data usage was "excessive" and that if I continued to "abuse" my UNLIMITED service, my phone could be shut off completely. How do you ABUSE UNLIMTED SERVICE?!?!?!?

So, I tried to contact Customer Service. For the past day or so their customer service lines have been so busy that it wouldn't even connect me, it would just tell me to try my call at a later time.

Well, I went online, and read countless posts on forums and websites about the phone number that contacted me to tell me I was abusing my unlimited service. I read that it was a fraud. So, I felt relieved (my cell phone is my ONLY phone) that my service would not be turned off.

But something kept nagging at me, so I decided to email customer service since I couldn't get through via telephone. I wanted to be that good customer and let them know that this fraudulent number contacted me with that information.

This is not what I was expecting:

Dear Tona,

Thank you for your interest in Straight Talk Wireless. We are responding to your recent inquiry.

Please be informed that the call that you have received was from

Straight Talk Wireless. The call is to inform you that your phone's data usage is excessive and is already affecting the network service levels.

Please be advised that you may have an unlimited data on your phone

however, if your phone's data usage is excessive and is already

affecting the network service levels, we may suspend your phone's data

service or your phone's service altogether.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-888-251-8164. For your convenience,

our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

Thank you for being a Straight Talk Wireless customer. We appreciate

your business.


Straight Talk Wireless

For *** real?!?!?! So, I wanted to find out how much data usage I have used this month, and how they track this usage.

I emailed them back.

Haven't heard anything.

I tried calling their Customer Service center.

Can't get through.

After reading multiple posts about this craziness, I've come to a few contradictions...

Straight Talk says you violate their terms if you go on Youtube. But my phone comes with a YouTube App! BY DEFAULT! IT'S A STRAIGHT TALK PHONE!

You cannot use the mobile web for streaming music or video. However, through GOOGLE PLAY which comes DEFAULT ON MY STRAIGHT TALK PHONE, you can download PANDORA, IHEARTRADIO, and various other "streaming" applications.

Seriously, what the ***?

Last time I checked, if it is advertised as UNLIMITED, it should be UNLIMITED. And I find it very wussy for them to make an automated message threatening to turn off your service, AFTER it's been paid for.

I'm seriously PISSED. NO ONE is getting back to me.

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Bisbee, Arizona, United States #970904

I have had the same problem !!!! UNLIMITED, BS !

every single month they shut off my data and it's not right, when they say UNLIMITED it should be UNLIMITED ! look what unlimited means in the dictionary straight talk.

Kentucky, United States #953633

I haven't reached my limit either and can't access Video,Youtube or Pandora so seeing that this a problem with not just me but others i'm going go drop straight talk.

Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #822795

I got my phone and it worked alright for awhile but then it just stops playing videos which sucks because I normally watch a lot on YouTube and now it is next to useless. And this is with a three month unlimited card.

Scipio, Indiana, United States #656147

No matter who I talk to at customer service on the phone or by emailwill tell me how much data is considered high. They did not warn me the just suspended my service. I do not tether .oh and why do they advertise you tube on their website if not allowed?


Dear Joy,Thank you for your interest in Straight Talk Wireless.  We are responding to your recent inquiry.We understand that you are asking about the limit for your data usage.Straight Talk Wireless unlimited service offers unlimited talk, text andweb.  The unlimited web service is subject to certain limitations.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section on our website at www.StraightTalk.com for more information.Section 6 titled: STRAIGHT TALK UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT AND MOBILE WEB ACCESS PLAN INTENDED USE states the following:"Straight Talk reserves the right to limit or reduce data throughput speeds or the amount of data transferred, and to deny or terminate Service, without notice, to anyone Straight Talk believes is using the Straight Talk Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web Access Plan in any manner prohibited above or whose usage, in Straight Talk's sole discretion, adversely impacts the Carrier's network or customer service levels.  Straight Talk will presume you are engaging in a prohibited usein violation of these Terms and Conditions if in Straight Talk's sole opinion, you are placing an abnormally high number of calls, or repeatedly placing calls of unusually long duration, or if your talk, text or Mobile Web usage is harmful or disruptive to the Carrier's network or services.  If we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are using an unlimited service in violation of the Straight Talk Terms and Conditions of Service, or in any other manner that we deem to be unreasonable or excessive, then we may terminate individual calls, terminate or reduce the speed of data connection throughput, Mobile Web Access or terminate your service, decline to renew your service, or offer you a different service plan with no unlimited usage component.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Straight Talk reserves the right to deny service, deactivate or cancel existing service, terminate data connections and/or reduce data throughput speeds, to anyone for any reason at any time, in Straight Talk's sole discretion."  There is no specific amount for data limitations.If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact one of ourcustomer care representatives at 1-877-430-2355.  For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PMEST.Thank you for being a Straight Talk Wireless customer.  We appreciate your business.


unlimited by definition = no limits not implied nor for mention.

straight talk hides these limitations and thier warning is cutting you off. then talking circles with consumer help. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

to disgrunteled Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States #604724

I was told by customer whatever it is after 3 hours you pay for nationwide service but they dont have it im one disabled person on a mission to expose them ripping off hard working poeple yesterday I was standing at there display in walmart telling poeple that they were wasting good money with straittalk im sure I cost them a few sales im going to keep doing this in every walmart from az to tn more poeple need to do this then maybe straittalk will quit ripping off disabled and hard working poeple I need help doing this

to Mad as a mf Bisbee, Arizona, United States #970907

You're right !!! Live in Maine and I'll help and do the same .

Funny Mann
Des Moines, Iowa, United States #602290

I agree with you. But the people who don't have the unlimited data plan won't.

They say we bog down the system with our usage. If the carrier can't handle the customers then they need to stop getting new ones. I use mine as much as I can. I pay for it I useit.

I never got a letter or call. Maybe it's time for Sprint.

to Funny Mann Bisbee, Arizona, United States #970908

Amen !!!!

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