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Samsung Proclaim, not Huawei Ascend.

Original review posted by user May 23, 2013

They deactivated my phone in January, and refused to explain why. I was told I was calling chat lines, downloading music, and eventually exceeding data limits.

I asked the customer service agent Jason, who could not speak English to say the least, how much data I had used. He said they didn’t have that information. I asked what the data limit was and he explained that there was no limit, its unlimited…I asked for supervisor after supervisor and finally heard a automated voice say ‘No one is available, please call back later’. They ignored my calls and would hang up on me every time I would call.

I eventually filed a complaint with the BBB and was finally contacted about 6 weeks later. Shelly-Ann Starkey is the BBB contact for TracFone, aka Straight Talk. She explained that because they are a prepaid carrier, they don’t pay monthly for the service of their customers, they actually pay 2-3 months behind: When I bought and activated a brand new phone from Walmart with a new number, they weren’t up to date and hadn’t realized that the number was activated under a new phone. So in January when they deactivated the phone number due to term/condition violations, they were actually terminating my service.

Shelly-Ann apologized and offered me a month of free service and to reactivate my phone, I declined and explained that due to their mistake I had to buy a new phone with a different provider. I told her I wanted 3 months of free service for the time without my phone, and to be able to wait until my current phone plan ran out so I wouldn’t have to waste more money. She agreed and told me to email her. Awesome, right?

No. She didn’t respond to my 22 phone calls, or the 7 emails I had sent. I actually had to buy another card so I could have a phone. When she finally did return my email, she explained she was on vacation.

I was floored and just wanted the hassle over with, so I settled with 4 months of free service.

^^^That was as of March 1st. It is now May 23, and even though I now turn off my mobile data to avoid throttling, my data is so slow it does not load facebook or my email.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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