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Been with Straight talk from August 2012 on, phone works great, no complaints with the phone itself but the so called customer service is ***. When our first month of pre paid service ( which we paid instore with the card for $45+ tax ) was a week from expiring, I was contacted by Straigfht talk to link my credit card for auto refill on the same day each month.

For doing this Straight talk offered me a $2.50 discount each month. No discount after three months now, and with auto pay you get charged 911 fee's, fed fee's, and tax on those and other fee's, so they can eat *** as I'm taking the auto pay off.

Now I just buy a straight talk card at the store each month for $45 + sales tax only. Be forwarned with straight talk as to non customer service, *** f'n ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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to barbieb #960308

when you sign up for auto pay refills they either tell you verbally or give you a total on your computer screen that includes the fees. My total is like & 49.86.

This includes 911, taxes, etc.

And the $2.50 credit for auto pay. I don't think you are able to opt out of 911 fees because a law.

Pensacola, Florida, United States #711046

When I bought my first cell phone from Straight Talk, a neighbor and I each noticed that a day, sometimes two, would be stolen from our refills every month. Yes, I am aware that some months have thirty days and others have thirty-one. Straight Talk has provided excellent service, except for this one area. the convenience of having automatic deductions lulled me into thinking days would not be stolen from my cell phone on the auto-pay plan. If allowed to continue, in a few months they would be taking two deductions from my bank account.

When I refilled the plan prior to auto-pay, I walked a fine line between service interruption or refilling early and having a day stolen. It will not happen again. Today, the convenient auto-pay method will be changed back to the inconvenience of walking that fine line. That is as soon as I can find out how to do that. Their system is definitely designed to prevent anyone from discontinuing the auto-pay option. It takes diligence to change the payment method back.

Several of my cable channels have been advertising two other cell phone providers that are comparable to Straight Talk. For all I know, they might be part of the same company. Nevertheless, I am seriously considering switching to one of those companies because of this one point that is driving me nuts.

Please, if you can help me switch from auto-pay, I would appreciate it. While not as much a techie as I once was, I do know my way around a website. I cannot change the credit card info or stop auto-pay. Aaaaaaawwwwwwwggggggghhhhhhhh!!! Help?

to insanity Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #711099

Contact their "customer service", speak to a live person and they will discontinue the auto pay option. Just a pain as to time wasted talking to them but yes they will stop that option.

to EL Diablo #756728

iv called the last 3 months and they say they have no record of me canceling but theyl cancel it this time. and they cant refund my money..iv been charged each month and its the same ***.

i was fine letting them steal from me the first time i cancelled auto refill...but to keep charging me for 2 months after? *** no i want all my money back now

to insanity Mountain View, California, United States #960299

It doesn't matter if you use auto pay or not you won't lose days and haven't in the past. You could go buy 6 cards, load them all and you phone would have service for 6 thirty day increments, or 180 days.

they don't go by the days in a month. its thirty days every time either way.

to Anonymous Sylacauga, Alabama, United States #1214838

My started coming out on the 29th and now it comes out the 21st. Only been on auto pay since February, so I know I've lost days.

to Emma D Houston, Texas, United States #1220369

You seem the type that will most likely never understand.


its not just auto refill. it isn't straight talks fault.

it is government mandated. because if you buy a card at walmart if you even pay attn to your receipt it has those fees listed.

but personally i want 911 fees so i can be helped when i need it. you guys are all idiots

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #711102

Get a clue, 911 is active on your phone even if you don't have a plan at all, I have many old inactive phones that I can charge up, dial 911 and yes they do answer, they have to by law.....and yes when I buy my refill card at Walmart I only pay sales tax, no fee's at all on the receipt.....

to EL Diablo #794136

On March 10 here in Minnesota, I refilled with Straight Talk and got charged 0.84 for e911. What gives????? Seems to me I am paying now 0.84 every month for something that is already free!!!

to citizenmike #960310

Govt gets the money to have 911 from fees like that. They are on every carrier and land lines. If they didn't then we would not have 911.

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #960300

you are right. idk how anyone didn't notice that.

Naples, Florida, United States #650095

there is no service at straight talk service, and they can not speak English. This is an example of how low customer service can go, buy another plan this is B S

New York, New York, United States #640861

Same problem... ive called for two months about this and they promise a refund that never arrives.

Horrible customer service reps.

Im still keeping my service, been with them since Jan 2011 on my iPhone but its the principal of being promised something that they dont deliver. Sucks

Los Angeles, California, United States #604935

TMobile doesn't charge any Sales Tax nor any Governmental Fees on their Prepaid Plans so I wonder why Straight Talk does?

to AndyG Mountain View, California, United States #960303

The other companies still have to pay that they just figure it in to the monthly rate. That's why most of the other companies rate is $50 a month and straight talks is 45.


The fees are mandated by our benevolent government. Not much they can do about it, although they definitely should have warned you.

A good rule of thumb is this: NEVER do auto-pay with any company, ever. As soon as you do, you have no control over your money.

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