I purchased a Straight Talk phone from Walmart a few months ago and was pleased with everything except the keypad. Checked 2 Walmarts, they didnt sell what I needed so I went online and purchased a different phone (approx.

Jan 25, 2012). Love it, worked beautifully about 48 hrs. All of a sudden, no service (Jan 31, 2012). Called them, long story short, wrong SIM Card.

I was told a new SIM card would be Fed Ex'd. Called back (Feb 4, 2012) was promised new SIM Card by Feb 7, 2012. Guess what, today is Feb 9, 2012. I dont have a new SIM card, nor has it been shipped.

As I'm writing this, I'm on the phone with the upteenth representative. In closing, AT&T ripped me off monthly but their service was flawless.

I may be forced to go back. Pls keep this in mind before you go w/a Straight Talk phone/plan.

Review about: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

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