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With Straight Talk wireless it certainly has been baptism by fire I'm also a SafeLink customer however at the time I signed up with straight talk I did not realize that they're all related under TracFone however with my SafeLink Wireless they upgraded me to a smartphone it's kind of a cheap smartphone with 500 megabytes of data which might be a lot to some people but I don't have access to WiFi and so it was starting to get more expensive than I could afford and even though I have some income I'm on disability and so my income is very limited and it seem like I was getting to the place with my SafeLink phone where I was purchasing data every other day an acquaintance suggested that I check out Straight Talk wireless and she told me it was one flat fee for unlimited talk text and data and I thought it was worth checking into I called talk to a representative who immediately hooked me in was going to throw in the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and a month worth a service for around $100 plus free overnight shipping and at that point it sounded much better than continuing to buy data every other day for the SafeLink phone I decided the SafeLink phone would become just my lifeline if worse came to worse than I did not have the money to afford minutes on the straight talk then I would still have SafeLink to fall back on which was a nightmare and that's a totally different anyhow I explain my situation financially and what I like to use the the phone for and shared with the representative that I'm pretty much on a fixed income I enjoy using the internet during the day if I'm not able to get out but I don't have access to WiFi so it was costing me a lot of money on the SafeLink phone and she told me about the unlimited plan including the the unlimited data and she told me that I would get so much data initially that was high-speed 4G after I use that portion of data I would drop back to 2G however that shouldn't affect much except streaming and that sounded okay cuz I could live without that I just like to be able to access the internet do some reading check some things out correspond on email that type of thing and she said oh you'll be fine for that as it turns out and after using the high-speed data when my my data drops back to 2G I can't even get on the internet and that's not what I had been told I had been told I could could access the internet could access email could open different websites whatever just probably not streaming like videos and and movies I can't do anything so I called the company back and yeah well they couldn't help me they advised me to find someplace with a wife I am not leaving the comfort of my home I'm on disability I have mobility issues I want to use the internet when I'm not able to get out and about that was the whole point not chasing down a Wi-Fi well there wasn't much else they can do for me so I started looking at other options and found another company that I would like to go with and they told me just to get my phone unlocked by Straight Talk and it would be a go when I attempted to get my phone unlocked I was shuffled around and sent to the unlocking department and they would explain to me that I haven't had my phone a year and I'm not eligible and I tried to explain you know I understand that policy makes sense however I'm not able to access a service that you told me I would be able to now it seems to me like the fair thing would be to let me out of that but they refuse to do it I spoke to supposedly a manager who asked me about the phone I was using and and what not and when I told him I have the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime he told me oh that's that's too much phone for 2G that's why you can't connect and I said well I didn't know anything about the phones your representative steered me towards this phone talked up all of its features and it sounded good to me well he didn't know what to say about that but the problem with this phone is it's too much for their internet so again I suggested then wouldn't it be fair to let me out and unlock my phone I called many many times I was shuffled around I was hung up on I even said look it's not going to do either one of us any good if I can afford it I don't get it new phone and this one will sit in a drawer for a year and then he will unlock it as it stands right now if I choose to keep my phone and data high-speed data I'm spending over $50 every couple of weeks and I cannot continue to do that like I said my income is limited and I don't want a phone or a service that I can't use I don't know if there's any other resolution for this but I'm fed up and my pockets are about empty one of the other nice things that was enticing about Straight Talk was the lack of a contract and being committed for one to two years it seems to me if they will not unlock my phone that that is the same as being contracted to them not with them to them oh and additionally one final thing DM the supposedly member of management that told me my phone was too powerful for 2G also told me that they have never represented their product as being unlimited data I don't know about anybody else but to me that yes they have it was marketed that way to me the day I called for more information and I don't care how many Asterix you put next to that word it's still on my account page Unlimited I just believe that straight talk is holding me to a standard that they're not willing to hold themselves to

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The galaxy grand prime too much phone for their internet? Then why do they sell it? They were probably just trying to get you to buy a different phone.