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I have been a straight talk customer for YEARS now, and I am done with their *** First lets start with the small stuff, the fact that they are to stupid and to cheap to hire Americans and instead hire a bunch of people who can't understand basic English. But lets move onto the LAW BREAKING. First off, on March 9th Straight Talk BROKE FEDERAL LAWS and their own policy by deactivating a phone that was still in service WITHOUT permission. When I called to talk to them, they apologized up and down told me it should have never happened. Then went on to tell me they would now need to send me a new sim card to reactivate the plan. The reason for this is Straight Talk BANS, yes you read that right, BANS, Sim Card numbers from their system FORCING users to buy a new card. Then while the new card was in transit, a representative, tried covering their mistake and ACTIVATED the new card BEFORE I got it. The real kicker is they activated it with some other customers info. I was getting personal info in text messages that wasn't even mine!! When I called a second time they apologized yet again and told me they would have to send another card. I {{Redacted}} and hung up on them went into town and transferred service to MetroPCS.

To make matters worse NO ONE in the world seems to give a *** that Straight Talk is BREAKING United States Federal law OUT IN THE OPEN. They will even ADMIT to breaking the law, go ahead and call them up and tell them the Service Cards they are selling say 4g service for X amount of GB then 2g Service for the rest of the service plan. They will turn around and tell you their Head Quarters knows about this already. Their HQ has known about this for years and yet there they are still selling their false advertising.

Look at their website, they tell you that you can check your text messages, data usage and more, then the page this is all supposed to be on just gives you what kind of plan you have and when it ends. These fools are walking liars and NO ONE seems to give a *** If there was ever free money to be made its suing the lieing *** off Straight Talk.

This company is a joke their prices are a joke, and their plans are a joke. Switch to MetroPCS for $60 period, and get 32GB of 4g and the rest of your plan 3g (not even 2g). Not to mention an additional 10gb of hotspot all in that $60. If no one is going to sue them or stop them from breaking the law, at least switch to a company thats American Run and gives a *** *** straight talk, and may they die in a pool of their own blood like the piles of pond *** they are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: I want my refund of the account you illegally disabled, and I want you to stop breaking the law..

Straight Talk Wireless Pros: Coverage area.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Customer service, False advertising, Inability to make things right, Law breaking, Fact i lost money.

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