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I have been having ongoing issues with my phone not letting me text photos (I have a motorola atrix hd), however, this time I am mad because Straighttalk took my money for an int'l calling plan I can't use, and they refuse to refund my money!! I purchased a unlimited...
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Amy r

They stole 275.oo from me ther a horrible service an theifs i pray ther service gets shut down legit workers


Hello, this is Maria from Straight Talk Wireless. Let us check your account. Please send us an email at with your phone number or you ca...

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan

Straight Talk Wireless - LIAR LIAR STRAIGHT TALK

I spent over $100.00 for an Android phone and was told when and if I ever needed to change/down grade my phone plan I would be able to. WRONG!!!! Liars liars. I am unable to do as I was promised and now have a phone I can't use. Is there any phone service that keeps their word? I didn't just pick up up off a shelf and purchase it, I spoke with a company representative. As a matter of fact, we spoke at great length. So nice to your face and laughing at me all the way to the bank with my CASH!
Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan