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Call Straight Talk wireless to see how to get my phone replaced due to many problems with it and being it was under factory warranty. Service tech was very arrogant and ignorant made some comments concerning my family which totally blew me away.

Of course my response in return wasn't too polite and if I couldn't reach through the phone and grab them by the neck I probably be catching a murder charge. I ended up hanging up on them cooling down and planned on calling the next day the whole day went by without receiving or making any phone calls. I went to call someone and come to find out, that my phone has been reported lost or stolen and I inquired about what time that call was made. So it turns out that piece of crap representative terminated my service and put my phone on The Blacklist.

Which pissed me off even more because they told me it would take 72 hours to have it turned back on and that was a lie. Because it wasn't turned on for approximately 11 days. That's of course cause me to lose two customers and a whole week's paycheck with my business. So recently I called and demanded to speak to a corporate manager glitch a lot of them to seem like they don't know their *** from *** in the ground.

In the end they want me to send my phone back to them before they will issue me a new one. Which really *** me off because who would think they could be trusted after doing what they've done already. I said you send me the new phone with the prepaid packaging and I'll gladly send you a piece of *** back. After I transfer all my God I'm like the phone clean do the bank account information and other personal accounts I have stored on the phone.

So at this point I'm clueless on what to do except to take a drive down to Miami with the anticipation of being arrested after confronting them personally then which what kind of excuse would they have then ? ...

they're out of the phone? This company needs to be abolished nothing good to say about it

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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