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My phone was stolen and my daughter was texted from it trying to get us to buy it back. I immediately contacted StaightTalk and informed them of the incident and told them to please turn off that phone and that I would be going to buy a new phone to transfer the number to.

I was told no problem and to call them when I purchased the new phone. After purchasing the new phone, I am being told that my phone number and not my phone is on a blacklist and that I cant take it off the blacklist without taking the phone off the blacklist. If I want my previous phone number, I have to allow the thief to be able to turn on my old phone that he stole. On top of that, I have to wait 72 hours for my phone number to be removed from this blacklist to be activated to my new phone.

I am shocked.

Does this sound as stupid to you as it does to me. Now the thief can take that phone anywhere he wants and have it activated.

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