Neenah, Wisconsin
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Hours of speaking with customer service and having to be put on hold so they can look thru their manuals to answer simple questions is just horrible, seriously horrible! Comprehension skills are a serious F grade I have come to find thru many different people there... where are their brains is what I wonder?!?!?!

It is like the teacher in school who calls on the kid who obviously did not do his homework and is trying to come up with some reasonable answer when the text book is in front of him but he has no clue really what the answer is and is trying to pick the best one out that at least sounds good to him, while really he is so far from anything useful that he should get slapped up side the head, slapped with a ruler, and thrown into the corner with a pointy hat on...

Trying out chat support, even worse, these people put you on hold, then after like 10 minutes they reply with a sorry, we can not do simple inquiries to help you, we are total f*ing useless and going to end our chat session without asking you nicely if there is any way we can further assist you since we have no understanding of what basic manners are, so go F yourself and come back later to get F'd again!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Rudeness of customer service, Customer service staff.

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