Tampa, Florida
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No help with data after hurricane Michael.. I have no other way to check the news and stay updated on things due to no power and it really makes me mad knowing straighttalk is the only company not willing to help us in this time of need Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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my straight talk service used Verizon as carrier. living in Panama fl, we had no service from 10/10 for about 3 weeks and then intermitant for another week.

straight talk has provided no credit for loss of service and trying to get through to talk to anyone about this is impossible. spent hours trying to get satisfaction.

guess I'll have to contact FCC and see if they can be of help. Verizon was giving credits but No t straight talk???


Verizon gave customers 3 mo of service and their prepay liie my mom was given $90 and a year before her next due date. I had no service for 13 days and then several days were blacked out the following 2 weeks. We were stranded for days.


Straight talk is the worse company with overseas reps that can't speak English. My wife and I had no service for 12 days during recent hurricane Michael.

Tried calling 3 times get credit only to be hung up on every time.

We're switching and highly recommend anyone reading this do same. Tim


I called them today about the same thing and went through 3 different representatives on supposedly 3 different levels. The last one was a lady that said there was no way to contact the main office in MIAMI, FLORIDA of all places.

And they don't have any procedures in place to assist us. Well I found this different contact numbers (305) 715-6500 extension 1029; big dogs Mr. Pollack or Mr. Salzman (305) 640-2000; email corporateoffice@tracfone.com I sure hope this helps you and others in our situation right now.

We purchased 2 $35 cards just days before the hurricane hit us and to this day we still have issues with our phone service and data. They can see the grey areas where the signal is weak.

Lisa M

Go to AT&T. They gave me a new phone.

Transfer your number and your minutes go with you. I also have 31 days of new service.Thank you AT&T.

Inly good reviews from me in them. They are the only places that remained available after the hurricane because they brought in towers for their customers showing they care.

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