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Straight Talk Wireless - Horrible customer service

I have had numerous problems with straight talk customer service. First is the frustration of their automated voice menu which has you dial the number they themselves provide for home service. After jumping through hoops to get to what you think is the correct service, you will be told they have to transfer you to the correct department. By now you have entered or spoken your phone number about 5 times. Now you get a terrible connection with someone on the other side of the planet who you cannot understand. Don't be surprised if you get hung up on as I have, even though I was courteous. If tbey can't resolve an issue you will be transferred over and over and the process starts again. Horrible! Internatiol calling for 2 months and it does not work. They have you follow a procedure to rectify the problem only to wind at square one. Exasperating! I tried to enroll in auto pay with my credit card and was told I had to call back againAt a later date. What?
Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer
I had not had my straight talk phone for 15 days when it started to mess up. This is the second straight talk phone (Galaxy Samsung) that had the same issue of loud noises comming through the phone. I called to make sure I could return the phone and get my service and...
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Thank You for that number! I'm about to call it. Hope I get results, finally. My comment: STRAIGHT TALK SUCKS! BEN you are next.


They are con artist and the CS dont understand English, so thats what we get for using a phone co from a 3rd world country.

Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer