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I havent been able to use my phone since august 1, 2017 My phone turned off and didnt power back on for hours and hours I called straight talk they called their selves fixing the problem but in all reality they really didn't because the problem continued not even a whole day later so I went it to the apple store they replaced the device but I had to wait a week for straight talk to send me a new sim card so that they can activate my new device because they dont have the technology to swiitch the old sim card to the new device over the phone so they said they would credit my account for a week because I had to wait a week! 2 weeks after I finally got my device working I started experiencing the same problem so I called straight talk again and again spoke to them and they told me to go to the apple store again after I spoke to a so called senior adviser I was told that everything was fine and should be ok now but it wasnt I then spoke to what seems like a million straight talk reps and none of them were ever able to help me I've literally been to the apple store 7 times from august 1st til today ive gotten replacement phones and they are all having he same problem as the first phone and all the straight talk representatives can tell me is that since the iphone 8 was soon to be released that it was hard to fix the iphone 5s because they dont have the technology to fix such an old model!

I had a job where I was on call and ended up losing my job due to the inability to use my device. Straight talk still didnt care they said they would credit my account for the time it took for my sim card to come in the mail and they never did so now not only is my phone still broken its also disconnected! I refuse to pay a bill to a phone i cant use the company will not compinsate me for the time I was not able to use my phone! Amonth and a half and counting!

I need help not only do I want my free month and a half I want an upgrade on my phone since they dont have the technology to fix the phone that I have!

I also asked them to unlock my device so that i can switch to a different carrier without having to spend a fortune on another phone and they refused saying that I have to have my phone for a year before they unlock the device which isnt fair because I cant even use my phone ive lost my on call job due to not being able to use my phone! This is a major problem and im prepared to go over anyone's head that i need to resolve this problem!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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