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i bought a galaxy3 three days ago and called customer service to have it activated I was just gonna have my previous straight talk number switched over to the galaxy3 well they turned my phone old phone off to supposedly start the process and now I'm without a phone completely because they still haven't activated my new phone after turning my old phone off and ive called customer service again again and they are of no help at all to me on top of the last guy I talked to just down rite rude to me and they keep telling me to use my old phone until the other one is on well don't they know that shut my old phone off to transfer the account to the new one and I think straight talk should reimburse all of the time my phone has been off ive been a loyal customer of straight talks since 2008 and never had any problems until now and a couple of the customer service guys are so rude and im pretty mad rite now because of all the hassle and being without any kindof phone and customer service only made me that much more mad by talking to me so rude wen I called

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Customer service.

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Hi. I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk.

Please let me help you get this resolved. Send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away. Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number.

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