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I purchased an unlocked AT&T Iphone on line. I then called straight talk and purchased a sim card through them. I was told that it would work for most all phones I specifically asked if it would be compatible with my AT&T Iphone 3 GS they said yes. So I purchased it, when it arrived I put the sim in the phone it then read it and said no service. No bars showed up it did nothing. I then called straight talk yet again and told them my issue and I was transferred. I began to tell the next person who was very rude and kept repeating the same information. So by this time I'm getting pissed off and very upset. I told him that I understood that I needed a new sim card that was AT&T compatible and I said send me one. He stated I would have to purchase the new one but I would have to purchase it through Walmart.com I said well that's fine give me my money back for the other sim card and he stated they do not give refunds. I got furious, and asked to be transferred to a manager. I talked to the him explained what was going on, and he stated it WAS there mess up and I would be credited for the days lost and a month free service I was pleased. So I get on the Walmart website at work the next morning only to find out that the sim card is not available at this time. I then called straight talk back and they said check multiple places in different states because only eight states sell the sim card I need I said ok we went through multiple places in almost all those states and they all said the same thing not available. So I asked to be transferred to a manager again and he stated that they will tell me the same thing. I said "I did not ask for your opinion I simply asked to be transferred". he stated stay on the line while I locate one. He did not even put me on hold he just put the phone down I could hear lots of noise in the back round. He would pick the phone up periodically and say he was still trying to locate someone for me, then just put the phone back down not even on hold. This went on for a good thirty minutes and I finally got tired of being treated like that, so I hung up. So I have been without a phone for four days going on the fifth one and I have sick grandparents and health issues of my own that I have to have a phone in case of an emergency. My problem is still unresolved and they stated for me to check back periodically on the Walmart website for available sim cards. So its hard telling how long I will be without a phone. I am not pleased and I will probably be switching to AT&T go phone if they do not help me resolve this issues quick, fast, and in a hurry.
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