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They refuse to send me one without me and/or their retailer bending over backwards. It's a 30 cent piece for goodness sake. I've called them and emailed them, all I get is '...we can't..' which really means '....we won't..'. They must have hundreds if not thousands...
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Straight talk sucks. Low on money today and decided to purchase $30 plan instead of unlimited . Never realized couldn't use if I needed. So out $30.. Plus poor selection of...

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Hi, I am Maria from Straight Talk Wireless. Let's see what we can do to resolve your issue. Please send us an email at or you can chat w...

I have an iphone 4s, and after my contact ended for AT&T I've decided to try straight talk. Biggest freakin mistake ever! You will never have any signal, even when you have 3-4 bars you will begin to dial, and it will tell you phone call failed. It will drop calls...
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I purchased my first straight talk phone in March, 2012. Within a month, the phone stopped working. I got a replacement phone and that one stopped working as well. I replaced the phone again, and it stopped working 2 weeks later. I returned the last phone, but they...
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I\'m having the same issue! The sent me a refurbished replacement phone that won\'t charge. Then, they sent me a new battery and it still won\'t charge. Now I have to wait ...

Straight Talk Wireless in Indianapolis, Indiana - Straight Talk Phones Blow !!!!

I am a new straight talk customer and i regret my choice in this plan. It has been 3 days and i still do not have a signal or a phone number. I keep calling the customer service center and am constantly told by someone who speaks very little english that i should turn my phone off then back on every hour. After a day and a half of this i was told to wait another 24hrs to allow the phone to find a tower in my area.And guess what the results are.??? You guessed it.! No working phone.!! Now i am being told to hand upload a code given by the service rep. who now says i have to wait another 24hrs. I am cutting my loses and going back to T-mobile.

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