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Straight Talk Wireless in Indianapolis, Indiana - No back plate in their packaged phone

They refuse to send me one without me and/or their retailer bending over backwards. It's a 30 cent piece for goodness sake. I've called them and emailed them, all I get is '...we can't..' which really means '....we won't..'. They must have hundreds if not thousands of back plates available yet refuse to send me the one I paid for. Terrible service. To make such an easy fix soo complicated and involving more myself or their retailer to fix than they just doing it themselves and claiming responsibility for their product. They should be ashamed and change their ways.
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Straight talk sucks. Low on money today and decided to purchase $30 plan instead of unlimited .

Never realized couldn't use if I needed. So out $30.. Plus poor selection of phones .

I am not a complainer but I am mad.


Hi, I am Maria from Straight Talk Wireless. Let's see what we can do to resolve your issue. Please send us an email at or you can chat with us live @


Maria with ST. I did that.

They wanted me to go without my phone for wks by sending it back to wait for you all to get me another whole phone I didn't need.

Only got unreasonable offers so arranged a back plate myself by buying a broken phone myself to get the back plate. You could reimbursement that $10 though since I was forced to solve YOUR mistake myself.


oh, it went in as 'anonymous' but I am the original poster from up top.

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Straight Talk Wireless in Indianapolis, Indiana - Straight talk service in general

I have an iphone 4s, and after my contact ended for AT&T I've decided to try straight talk. Biggest freakin mistake ever! You will never have any signal, even when you have 3-4 bars you will begin to dial, and it will tell you phone call failed. It will drop calls at 5 bars. Half the text messages wont go out ether. They customer support is peachy as well, you can call them explain the issue, and you will never hear back from them! If i could rate them 1 to 10, i would give them -100. Take care
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service
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Straight Talk Wireless in Indianapolis, Indiana - Pissed in grand junction

My husband purchased a Straight Talk Glx II in march of this year for my birthday. It worked great until two months ago. There is no signal in my house, or in my yard. I have to go 70 feet from my home in order to get a strong enough signal for it to work. I called Straight Talk after being on the phone with them for 1 1/2 hours they said that they showed I had coverage in my area. The cell has a signal everywhere else except at my home or in my driveway. rumor has it that they are working on the towers, using different towers, I've also heard Sprint has their hand in it. Don't know what the problem is, but I feel I should be refunded the money for the cell or given a different cell that has a strong enough signal so I can use it. Dorothy
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Straight Talk Wireless in Indianapolis, Indiana - Straight Talk is the worst phone service ever!

I purchased my first straight talk phone in March, 2012. Within a month, the phone stopped working. I got a replacement phone and that one stopped working as well. I replaced the phone again, and it stopped working 2 weeks later. I returned the last phone, but they sent me back a cheaper phone as replacement. I called them and spent 1hr50min on the phone explaining that they sent me the wrong phone. They sent me another replacement, but this phone was also incorrect. When I called them again, I spent 1hr on the phone with them, then was disconnected. I called again and spent another 1hr30min trying to get this matter resolved. This ussue is still unresolved a month later.
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I'm having the same issue! The sent me a refurbished replacement phone that won't charge.

Then, they sent me a new battery and it still won't charge.

Now I have to wait another 7 days without a phone to receive the 2nd replacement phone and they refuse to send me the replacement before receiving my defective phone. I'm thinking of just dropping them.

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Straight Talk Wireless Replacement

Straight Talk Wireless in Indianapolis, Indiana - Straight Talk Phones Blow !!!!

I am a new straight talk customer and i regret my choice in this plan. It has been 3 days and i still do not have a signal or a phone number. I keep calling the customer service center and am constantly told by someone who speaks very little english that i should turn my phone off then back on every hour. After a day and a half of this i was told to wait another 24hrs to allow the phone to find a tower in my area.And guess what the results are.??? You guessed it.! No working phone.!! Now i am being told to hand upload a code given by the service rep. who now says i have to wait another 24hrs. I am cutting my loses and going back to T-mobile.
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