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I usually buy the 45 dollar plan WHICH ALWAYS WORKS with my phone. After months of buying this plan I realized that I only need a limited number of phone minutes, texts and internet capability..SO I decide you know what I'm going to buy the 30 dollar card this I go an get one, the card is EXACTLY the same in every way as the 45 dollar card......I scratched the back tried to refill my plan and get my phone on again...but it kept rejecting my service pin.....I then started reading the back of the card for a customer service phone number, didn't find one but midway in all the legal mumbo jumbo I notice the sentence (CONVENIENTLY HIDDEN IN THE MIDDLE) Does not work on smartphones.

I was angry and went right back to WAL-MART....My wife noticed also that the card said NON REFUNDABLE...of COURSE!!!! and that's funny to me because they obviously willfully hid the disclaimer of DOES NOT WORK WITH SMARTPHONES in the middle of all the legal stuff on the back of the card BUT STRAIGHT TALK MADE SURE they put NON-REFUNDABLE on the TOP LINE!!!

I was pissed. I got back to WAL-MART and the electronics department employee helped me right away. We called straight talk and after a few minutes I was on the phone with a customer service representative...He told me that my 30 dollar phone card would not work with a smartphone.

I said OKAY first of all, most people these days have a SMARTPHONE, next thing was I scratched the back and your card says NON-REFUNDABLE but I cannot even use it...SO what can we do to fix this situation .. the representative says since there isn't any history of this phone number EVER being on file for any kind of complaint or compromise for STRAIGHT TALK that he can give me the 45 plan (UNLIMITED EVERYTHING) but only for 20 days then my service would be turned off. I told him NO....I need my phone on all month NOT just 20 days!!! Absolutely NOT!!!

(NOTE that I informed him well that's *** because your 30 dollar card says 30 day plan. I just want less minutes like the card offered!!! After much deliberation and anger I said NO Ill just upgrade here at WAL-MART!!! of course he replied well we cant guarantee that WAL-MART will offer an upgrade if you decide to do that.

I said "OH THEY WILL THIS IS WAL-MART!!!!! and the last they want is a pissed off customer due to some shady marketing on a 3rd party vendor that THEY sell on there shelves. NO IM GONNA GET MY MONEY BACK TRUST AND BELIEVE THAT!!!!! the hung up the phone...WAL-MART honored the money I spent, and I paid 15 dollars more less tax and received a 45 dollar plan with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!....kudos to WAL-MART!!!!

Straight Talk your company 30 dollar plan is SHADY and a borderline SCAM!!! It just in the legal parameters enough to keep the law on your side but guess what, angry customers due to your shady marketing plans, will only result in your company going out of business...JUST BE STRAIGHT FORWARD, STRAIGHT TALK!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: 30 Dollar PLAN IS SHADY.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Straight Talk Wireless Pros: Price.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Being lied to, Misleading terms of service.

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