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Straight Talk Wireless - Straight talk is bad to buy from

April 23 at 12:07 pm i ordered a 45$ "unlimted" service plan online . The ad said " get free overnight shipping and a free phone . Order before 3pm for overnight shipping .The phone got here April 25 at 2 pm . Not overnight , but worse it can not be activated because it has no SIM card .When i called customer service they were rude to me , could barely speak english and i was told if i return the phone , im out 47.97 $. no refunds ! What a scam .Because i used the words "*** SIM card " one person said i was abusive and hung up on me ! They are very bad to customers who have done no wrong . Dont be taken like i was . I am 60 and disabled so i do not have money to give to scams .
Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card