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My phone number is my name is in my email I purchased a phone card on February the 18th which which also purchased a phone and another phone card February the 20th it was supposed to have been overnight I did not receive the phone until March March the 7th period period and the phone that I had purchased came with a phone call I bought an additional phone card prior to the one that I bought on the 18th. I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau every time I get hung up on I call where I get online and I follow another complaint I've been trying to get this fixed for 2 months.

That I will explain It happened be in effect that your employees are rude you need new ones everybody that I have talked to has either hung up on me transferred me without me asking them to transfer me or just got plum rude or hateful with me.. They have refused me my refund refund when the phone was delayed I asked for a refund I was told no I called back the next day I was told to wait 24 to 48 hours and this was on February the 22nd so I waited 2 days I called back was told no again to wait again which to me that is your company still in my money.. I called and I talked to one of your Employees that took it upon herself to change my phone plan which was the $45 phone plan I have been on the $55 fump plan for the entire year or more that I have been with Straight Talk. She took my rewards points and put it to the purchase or whatever it was the phone call I don't know that it had been saving up the entire Yearr which this is really uncalled for.

Your employees are very unprofessional. Read in the process of her changing my phone plan once again without my permission once again after my rewards points was taken from my account. My phone was disconnected my daughter had tried to get ahold of me because she has medical issues she has seizures extremely bad which she generally has to go to the hospital 2 by ambulance and in that process they had tried to call when they disconnected my phone so I missed that phone call and was not able to go be with my daughter.. Which I'm very upset about still you'll.There should have been the phone card that I purchased on the 18th that I only got to use 10 days of that I purchased for $55 the phone card that came with the phone the additional phone card that I bought with the phone on the 20th after the one I purchased on the 18th so that is a $110 that are purchased on 2 $55 phone cards which let me say again my phone was restarted my plan is supposed to be the $55 regardless on whether it came with 44 $5 plan or not I did not want my plan changed it did not get changed when I activated the phone when I called she should not have activated it upon herself.

And as far as I know you all are not allowed to do thatTo get into my account and change things around without my permission the phone had already been activated I done it myself when I received it. So so how is that professional with your company?? So there is 3 phone cards that I had supposed to have had total the one on the 18th the 1 I bought with the phone and then the additional 1 that I bought with the phone not to mention that I paid for the overnight shipment on the phone that I did not get . I've contacted the Better Business Bureau already business bureau already again today I have called Straight Talk at least 10 times or better just to get hung up on get rudeYou're imploring please got rude with me hung up on me once again corporate hung up on me gotta pull me.

And every time I will leave a bed review and I will contact the Better Business Bureau and I am fixing to contact an attorney over this matter because I don't think you are legally allowed to do any of this because basically what you were doing is when I asked for something to mind back and you will tell me no that is your company still in from me. No somebody would like to contact me with this matter and actually talk to me to get it resolved I will not go further with any actions..

I've think it is bull I have really gone through some cementally things because of your stupid company with my daughter I have mental disabilities myself.. I have told a few of your employees that it's like they didn't even care So once again my phone number is 270570**** I would really like to get this issue resolved or i will go it on with further actionsI had the same problem with you all over a year ago to where n your company policies company policies to where your workers did not talk to a supervisor of the Your company is a joke you all should be shut down for the things that you do to your customers.

Monetary Loss: $323.

Preferred solution: Refuse to give me a refund .

Straight Talk Wireless Pros: Have used straight talk for 10 years.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Dont let me use a phove i more the paid for for qlink, Network connectivity issues.

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