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Straight Talk Wireless - No service, no refund

I have been a Straighttalk costumer for quite some time, then I lost my phone and asked Straighttalk for a replacement SIM. They did send a SIM, which I had to activate. So I called the Costumer Service department to activate an transfer the balance of about 90 USD to the new SIM.  First they could not activate the card, were not able to explain why and they would not transfer the balance and refused to refund: "We don't do refunds". they wrote, after ignoring all my emails for weeks. "For resoltution call costumer service". Which I did four times, but  costumer service is entirely incompetent, takes for ever and did not solve the issue.  Straighttalk did not show any interest in resolving the issue, collected my money for a three month Unlimited Plan, but did not provide the service.  There is no service culture in this company, no complaint resolution...
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