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I live in TN and work in KY. I can buy a phone in KY and it works fine in TN but buying a phone in TN means it WONT WORK in KY.

Easy fix, just buy a phone in KY right? Try again. Went to Franklin, KY and BOTH walmarts in Bowling Green, KY to buy a phone after I dropped mine (had to buy my broken phone in Franklin KY originally so I could call my wife while at work). I even tried to see about getting a phone online and there are NONE at any area KY walmarts unless I want to wait a week for it to arrive.

WTF I bought the same model phone in TN but it won't work since the SIM card is apparently specially made for each state.

TN phones are rigged for Verizon towers and KY phones are rigged for ATT. If you're looking to get ST in TN/KY save yourself some trouble and don't!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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