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Just bought a straight talk HotSpot and cannot get internet. | Straight Talk Wireless review from Cincinnati, Ohio

I can not get any internet pages to download even after trying different locations for physically placing the hotspot. I happened to get Google/maps to load with no problems, but not even Google would load. It's been very frustrating since a paid $100 for the unit. I'll return the unit if I cannot get any better connectivity. I tried connecting to the hotspot with my phone and still would get very very very slow response, but mostly no response at all when trying to connect to the internet. I will try and take the hot spot outside the house to see if it has anything to do with the location. Hmmm Why have it if it doesn't work??
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Same issue here. I fully expected the speed to be a bit slower than a regular cable or DSL connection, but this is just nuts.

I can do a Google search just fine. However, clicking on any of the search results is another story. It's nothing short of a miracle that this page actually loaded. More times than I can count, I've had pages never load at all and time out.

The speed is like being online with a dialup connection and a 14.4 modem. I bought this hotspot so I could get some work done for my job when I'm on the road. It's not coming through for me in that regard. All I want is for pages I need to access to actually load at a moderate speed and not time out.

I don't feel it's too much to ask for. It's not as though I'm wanting something for nothing. I paid 100 dollars for this, plus the cost of a data card.

I won't even get started on my feelings about my Straight Talk Samsung Centura phone.

I'm one freeze-up-needing-a-reboot away from chucking the thing out into the snow. Thank God I only paid 29 dollars for it.


Hi. I am Maria and I work with SIMPLE Mobile.

Please let me help you get this resolved. Send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away.

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Worst customer service ever straight talk | Straight Talk Wireless review from Cincinnati, Ohio

I bought a service card at walmart when i scratched the last three digits does not show clearly tried to guess two times then i called customer service and they told me the service card is been used on different account and they can not help me on any way a `supervisor named with a foreign name " was rude and did not help at all .she even told me she know on what number those minutes were added so are they telling the truth and gonna let other person have a free month of service or they clearly steal . your decision !
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My daughter has an Lg Optimist Dynamic android phone. Today she used it, put it in her pocket while at a friend's and when she went to check it on her way home it had shut off and won't turn on. I am going to try to simply return it to Walmart tomorrow and...
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