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I am pissed to find out that someone stole my active straight talk number. Moments after hanging up and tried to make another phone and was unable too.

I called straight talk and was told my the rep that I had called to have my number transferred. This was a lie. I decieded to called my number and guess what, a guy answered!!! I felt so violated to know he was answering my calls and my text messages!

Now I am told that I will have to get a new number and not allowed a refund. I filed a BBB complaint. Super unhappy with there services and to detect the fact that the reps doesnt care at all. I tried calling Ms.

Karen at 305-715-3634, Ms. Starkey at 305-715-3804, and resolution center at 800-876-5753 ext 3324.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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i bought my phone is 2015, had the bring your own phone card sim card (straight talk card) activated it - used it for 2 years, then gave it to my son. he has been using it ever since.

i changed bank cards and updated my card at straight talk for both our phones for auto-refill. His phone was cut off overnight and now i was on the phone for 3 hours ans tranfered to 5-6 different people and told the IMMIE number is no good, the SIm card is no good- his phone is no good and i called his number- after they took my money and the number belongs to someone else


Same here, happened today. I am LIVID


Someone keeps ans my number when i dont ans. I called my number some lady ans.

So i told her to stop being mean to people. Ita not my fault our numbers crossed


My number was just stolen today they claim if I call back they will get it fixed I guess we will see. I think its time people like us take them to court I have been buying 2 50 cards every month for over 8 years and this is the thanks I get my number stolen and they wont transfer it back with out jumping through hoops and then whats to say they are then. 3 days same thing happened to my best friend they told him it was nothing they could do he had to get a new phone and new number while this was going on he lost his job because his boss could not reach him he made 30 plus dollars an hour what a shame straight talk needs to be made to correct this


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to


Where you able to still text ,


My active service was stolen. I was told thhat I transfered my number. That is so not true!


I had my phone number and service stolen after having this same phone number for almost 5 years. I called and was told I had to get a new number...

I was the "crime victim" not the perp. This should be an issue for straight talk to resolve quickly.


I had the same thing happen to me i called and stayed on them for hrs and finnaly got my mins back but i had a new number all becus if someone has your number they can take your phone number and say it was lost r stolen they just take the the mins off ur phone there should be someway to trace it and better resolution i let stright talk know i was pissed


The same thing just happened to me. Straight Talk reps said Verizon requested my phone number so they deactivated my phone.

I asked if they provided my passwords last for digits of social security number ect. and they said they did not know. I was informed that Verizon now holds my phone number and my ONLY option is to reactivate with a new phone number.

Is this illegal porting. I have been on the phone with straight talk customer service all day.


There are quite a few checks and balances associated with forwarding your number to another phone. Including them asking for the answer to your security code.

The person doing the transfer would also have to know your name and mailing address to transfer the phone. This would have to be someone you know.


Same issue as original post. I've had the phone for 4 or 5 days now...Phone working fine one minute, the next it says it's inactive.

2 days of calls to straight talk only to be told that either I or someone I know transferred my number & my minutes to a new phone. I did not do this & the very few ppl that have my number wouldn't do this to me (hubby,son,mother & friend), haven't had time to even get my number to everyone! And why isn't there some kind of security something to stop ppl from doing this?? I did try calling my number but it says it's no longer in service, nobody answered it.

Straight Talk says they are in the process of transferring everything back to my phone, could take up to another 2 days. We'll see!


The wrtitten by merrill on May 30,2012 was actually From Brainerd , MN, US. I have no idea where the New Philadelphia came from. Don't even know where it is!


my phone service was interupted for no reason. I've been on auto refill for over a year.

My credit card was fine too. After enormous effort and 3 days of calling I got my phone back on but with a new number and no one can give me back my old number unless I give theem the alternate number i used when i first signed up . I can't remember and don't have any idea.They said too bad we can't help you. My bussiness was built on that number.

They don't care! Any lawyers out there interested in this one!

I'm sure you will find me. It's time to fix this kind of apathy once and for all!


Im going through this now. It started last month, someone stole my service and my phone number and it took days to get it back!

I can assure you it's not someone I know. I have changed my info on the account just in case and it's starting all over again.

They even changed some account info, which makes zero sense. This is beyond frustrating!!!