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I am a straighttalk wireless customer and have been for quite some time now. I bought a new phone because the old one was trippin on me, cutting off whenever, didnt receive calls and text messages, would ring just once couldn't push my buttons.

So i bought a new phone and transferred my number over. First off when i paid my bill the next month my phone was turned off anyway because it was still connected to the old phone. Got that taken care of. So i had the phone for maybe two or three months and it just turned off on me and got stuck on the welcome screen.

I called customer service and with no problem they agreed to send me a new phone. When i called i got my number changed over to this old phone that was given me all the problems. i hate to wait on the a sim card which was suppose to come the same time the fed ex bag was suppose to come to send the old phone back to receive the new one. they told me both should be there in 3-5 days.

i received the sim card in 3 days but the bag never came. so i waited the full 5 days to call customer service. Come to find out the rep didnt send the order all the way through, so i was told to wait 3-5 days again. Again i didnt receive the bag so i called back.

This time i talked to a manager someone that spoke English thank God. I finally received my bag to send the old phone off in 3 days. I sent my phone off on Nov 2, 2012 at 2:30ish pm. I waited 5 days to see if they had received it.

The rep told me they had and it should be at my house within again 3-5 days. didnt receive the phone. called back the 5th day, again, ill make sure u get your phone in 3-5 days. I finally get the phone and called to have my number switched back ova and waited for the switch ova and the phone neva came on.

so me being me as u can see i called back to find out that they had deleted my number out the system and it took 24 hrs to get it back. I was so heated im like f that you gotta accommodate me some kinda of way for all my trouble. So in the end i did get my bill waived for the next month but i still dont feel its fare. I pay straighttalk monthly for service and i should receive my service monthly on time just like i pay for it.

Its a good plan and as soon as i find another one with a company store in my area that i dont have to pay a 400 dollar deposit so i wont have to call customer service im switching.

That just didnt make any kind of sense to me. STRAIGHTTALK WIRELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $174.

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I am just like you, I'm leaving Straight Talk because of the horrendous "customer service." I cannot deal with the *** anymore..


heres one I didn't know when you send 1 message to 3 people in the same message you are charged 3 message min for that , thats crapp, and a rip off :eek

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