Punta Gorda, Florida
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If you buy a straight talk phone pray to God you never have trouble. I did.

16 hours of phone calls. Over 30 agents, 10 managers, 1 Senor manager and 1 person at corporate offices and I still have no phone service that has been paid for. One month of no service and the last person I talked to, a Senor Manager named Florence told me " I don't know anything ". I spoke to 42 people and I was lied to by 42 people.

Walmart sells this product prounly but if you go online you find 100's of complaints that sound like mine. Boycott both companies.

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i have a samsung galaxy? from straight talk at walmart.

from the time i bought the phone it has been nothing but trouble, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!

as w most things from walmart, it is trash. :(


This is true.. Two words..

language barrier. You talk to people in India/


I have had Straight Talk for a year and never had a problem. I had AT&T but kept losing calls so when my contract was up I switched to Verizon which ended up to be no better.

(I live in a major city) So I dropped them and tried Staight Talk.

I could not be happier. I have signal in places I never had it before and the same service for 1/2 the price!

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