Litchfield, Maine

They are based out of India and do not adhere to American standards at all. I also was hung up on.

Way to go walmart use a foreign country to rip off Americans. I was also hung up on for no good reason at all. DO NOT USE this service they are are under the impression that we are *** and not worth good customer service. You will end up in a battle with them.

In fact if you read there contract it states that they can and will terminate your service for even a harsh word. What does that tell you?

If they have to put it in writing you know very well that you will be mistreated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Creative ideas , I am thankful for the details . Does anyone know if my assistant might be able to get a template DA 5164-R copy to edit ?

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1103541

Greetings, my friend got ahold of a blank FL FSA-DCA form at this place you can also get a template DA 5164-R copy to edit there.


Creative blog post - I was fascinated by the details - Does anyone know where I might locate a sample DA 5164-R example to type on ?


ain't got nothing to do with walmart, walmart is only a retailer, they don't have any stock in straighttalk and customer service is not in India!!


yes, another customer with bitter taste in his mouth, with straight talk and their customer service,,,,,who i think intentionally put a rag over his phone, which made it impossible to make out what his very strange speech dialect was, let alone what the heck he was saying, I kept telling him I had problem hearing him, but to no avail and 20 minutes wasted, wonder how happy Walmart is with their service.??

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #936584

Customer Service is Rude and Heartless...They decide to give you an unsatisfactory response and hangup the phone..They make you feel worst and fraustrated more than how you were from the start.

Me and My Wife have been straight talk customers for close to two years and decided its time to change carriers.We both have Galaxy S3 bought from straight talk...Their website clearly states they unlock phones after a period of time.But when i contacted them i stayed on the phone for more than 3hours and they kept on swaping the phone from one customer service to the other and one supervisor to the other.At the end the last supervisor i spoke with was just so rude and i couldnt get his tone and he hangup the phone.So i spent 3hours on the phone to be shoved around by a company we have been faithful to for the past 2years..This is just so unfair for a company like this to exist.All we want is our phones to be unlocked...Simple...there is a section that says customers can call in for their phones to be unlocked.We dont owe straight talk a dime..So why not unlock our phones..!ut/p/a1/dY1LDoIwFADP4gX6Hr-WbZEgkPhfoG9jCqlAlNYUotHT-9k7u0kmGSA4ABl171s19dao69eJn1Isl8FW5v4uFxEWm3y-X4gVrjMfKqBfgn-QCCVQXw_s0QwMWRyJMOQcBfc4D70AqgQoTTJTtp_ZUZo6iFsgp8_aacc6O05wcGzUyjUde6rOWtbYAW4X8ypGOXsDVn9gLA!!/dl5/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmlFL1o2X0JPQjBRMVBJSUdMUDcwQUM2NlFPRUwyMDI0/


yup, they just did this to me also, making us go through hoops and bypass federal laws, report them to the BBB,FTC and FCC, you don't have to fill out any forms that they tell you to, that have to provide the info to you when you request it !!!!

Dothan, Alabama, United States #860250

Please wait while your chat is routed to the next available agent.

Javier: Good day! My name is Javier.

How can I help you today?

jimmy: Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act - Repeals a Library of Congress (LOC) rulemaking determination, made upon the recommendation of the Register of Copyrights, regarding the circumvention of technological measures controlling access to copyrighted software on wireless telephone handsets (

jimmy: i am being denied my unlock code

jimmy: may i please have my unlock code i called and was told that movil does not have to follow american laws

Javier: Are you refering to the code to unlock your phone since it was locked? or are you refering to ulcok your phone to use with othe services? jimmy: Online Form - Recommended Method<br><br> Complete the form<br><br>We encourage you to read this notice which explains how we collect and use your personal information: FCC notice required by the Privacy Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act jimmy: unlock code to another service jimmy: Based on the information you provided, you need to file Form 2000B - Billing, Privacy, or Service Quality Complaint. Please choose a convenient method to file your complaint.

We highly recommend using our online form. This will ensure that all required information is received.<br><br>You are about to file Form 2000B - Billing, Privacy, or Service Quality Complain jimmy: i'm getting ready to file a complaint jimmy: Unlocking Devices (keeping your wireless device when switching service providers) jimmy: your breaking the law jimmy: MAY I PLEASE HAVE MY UNLOCK CODE TO TRANSFER MY SERVICE...... jimmy: File Complaint Billing, Service, Privacy, Number Portability, Unlocking Devices and other issues Details<br> Portability issues (keeping your wireless phone number after a change of location or service provider)<br> Unlocking Devices (keeping your wireless device when switching service providers)<br> Other issues (e.g. operator-assisted calls) jimmy: i will save this chat as a denial of deactivation and providing my unlock code Javier: Dueto the nature of your request, we are unable to help you through thischannel.

In that case, you will have to contact one of our customercare representatives at 1-866-806-1840 and enter the reference PIN321515. Please have in mind that the Reference PIN is valid for a twoweeks period. For your convenience, our representatives are availableMonday – Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. jimmy: i have repeatedly asked for code, this chat with be printed and attached to complaint jimmy: no they refuse to provide code jimmy: i have them on record as well jimmy: STOP DOING THIS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT WILL HAPPEN!!!

jimmy: IT IS SO RECORDED YOU REFUSED MY REQUEST AND THAT IS AN OFFER IN YOUR DROP DOWN MENU jimmy: DEACTIVATION IS PART OF THE DROP DOWN MENU WHEN MAKING THIS CONTACT, AS SO I WILL RECORD DESKTOP AND SEND THE AVI FILE TO fcc AS WELL jimmy: DO YOU DENIE MY UNLOCK CODE? Javier: It will be necessary that you contact to us in order to better assist you. Thank you for chatting with Straight Talk Wireless.

Chat has ended i have been denied both on the phone and chat!! NOW I WILL FILE A REPORT WITH FCC11

Dothan, Alabama, United States #860247

Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act - Repeals a Library of Congress (LOC) rulemaking determination, made upon the recommendation of the Register of Copyrights, regarding the circumvention of technological measures controlling access to copyrighted software on wireless telephone handsets (mobile telephones) for the purpose of connecting to different wireless telecommunications networks (a practice commonly referred to as "unlocking" such devices).


Ellijay, Georgia, United States #857345

Today I had a somewhat similar experience. However, I have now e-mailed them and will let you know of their response.

Straight Talk Wireless Verified Representative

Hi, this is Maria with Straight Talk. I read your post and am sorry that you are having problems.

Please send me your contact information to the following email address We can help you get the problem resolved right away.

Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ .

to MariaST Preston, Idaho, United States #905945

How do you get them to unlock the *** phones?

to MariaST #1028257

This is a bunch of garbage.......they will NOT unlock even a new phone that has NEVEER been activated.....they will tell you you must have had 12 continuous months of service with them blah blah blah....I've had YEARS of service with them BUT went with a different carrier back in April. They simply will NOT unlock your phone........PERIOD!!!!

to Anonymous #1606798

I agree!! It’s now 2018 and they are still doing this to people!

I was with straight talk for 8yrs faithfully! Finally decided I’d like to try another carrier... that is my prerogative and I do own my phone. But in no way shape form or fashion would they budge!

Gave me the run around over and over smh! So now I have a perfectly good phone that I can do absolutely nothing with! Expect stay with straight talk! I don’t see how this could be legal?!

I never had a contract with straight talk and owe them NO MONEY! My phone is paid in full and should be mine to do as I please with!

I’m sorry for the angry rant, I just really don’t understand how they get away with this after all these yes! There needs to be a class action lawsuit filed!

to MariaST #1140511

I don't know why they won't unlock my phone when its a prepaid phone. Its not like I signed a contract. This is so messed up.

to Anonymous #1606800

They’re doing the same to me! It’s 2018 and nothing has changed!!

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