Tried 4 times to explain that the Credit Card on file for auto pay was expiring and I wanted to update. His only response was wanting to know what the letter I got stated.

Could not get it through his thick skull that I did not receive a letter and that my call was to update my auto pay plan. I got the impression English was his third language.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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That's the thing,they don't understand or do they care if your service is working for the highest dollars you done paid for service to be ripped off.they are rude,they will hang up on you they want you to have 2 phone so when your service isn't working because they see you have paid so much money to be treated like trash.but I just want to say Chinese people owns everything and they said that the United States owed them lots of money so if they have to stael it to get it back that's what they Are doing.


Hi this is Maria from Straight Talk Wireless. We really do apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered with our customer service.

This is not the experience we want our customers to feel. Our main focus is to provide an excellent service to all our clients, and we know that there are things to improve. Focusing on our quality of Customer Service is our priority. We will definitely take your comments very seriously and want to know more about your bad experiences, so we can focus on them and come to a solution.

Give us a chance to redeem ourselves and help you out. Please chat with us using this link https://www.straighttalk.com/support/contact, or call us at 1-877-430-23.You can also use our self-service menu by simply texting the word HELP to 611611.

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