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I spoke to Vincent Terojas sale rep at the preserve at Medina community. He was desperate to get my $1000 earnest money.

He guaranteed that I will get my earnest money back if I didn't get the interest rate that I wanted with their lender. I knew right away he was lying, that is so untrue. I request to have a pre-qualification statement, but he refuse and stated that I had to give $1,000 Ernest money first to get a pre-qualification statement from their lender.

I was advised by co-workers to stay away from him. He was very shady and very crooked.

I was actually supposed to speak to Daniel Martinez but Vincent stepped in right away and took over. I thought he was okay until he kept asking me and asking me to ask me for the earnest money. And guaranteed I will get it back if I didn't get the interest rate I wanted from their lender. Now I knew exactly what coworkers were warning me about him.

Stay away from him. You will regret it.

User's recommendation: No earnest money, got lender pre qualification letter first, than give earnest money if it meets your satisfactions.

Location: Floresville, Texas

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