Dawsonville, Georgia
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My contract just ended with att so I thought I would save a little money and try straight talk for 30 days befor I redid my contract (BAD MISTAKE) customer service does not have a clue all of them speak broken english they sent wrong phone for my network I have been on the phone with these people a total of about 3 hours trying to get my money back I file a complaint with the fcc ,ftc and atty general of florida I also disputed the charge with discover card Please if you have a problem file a complaint with the above its easy you can do online THIS COMPANY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN Shame on walmart for even haveing it in there store

Monetary Loss: $53.

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George as to your commet I DID BUY THROUGH WEB SITE I DID PUT IN ZIP CODE they sent me a phone FED EX that is on t-mobil network we dont have t-mobil in my area even the ones you get at the local walmart are on the verizon network so smart *** I did follow the order process to a T plain and simple they screw up and it take and act of got to get there outsourced untrained customer service to do anything I even have an email that says they sent wrong one out so you need to know what your talking about befor popping off about something you know nothing about

I would not even have an issue if my issue had been handled right but I have been on the phone with these idiots for over 3 hours and still have no service no phone that will work in my are and no refund so there


i dont know what problem your having but I have has ST for 2 years now and not a single problem.

I bought my phone on their internet site and you have to put in your zip code in order to get the right phone for your area. If you bought the wrong phone in walmart thats your issue.

its a simple process order phone, activate it with a plan online and your good for the plan period. I am sorry you didnt follow the simple procedure and caused your own problems.

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