Bristol, Tennessee
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Five phones later still waiting for yet another replacement phone! me at the customer bought a brand new phone 3 months later the my brand new phone stopped working.

straight talk told me they were going to send me a brand new phone I got a refurbished phone shipped FedEx in the mail and this has been the fifth replacement phone I have spent countless hours on the phone with straight talk I have lost my money. I am still in the process of waiting for straight talk to stay at send me an airbill to replace I have yet another refurbished phone. it has been a month now. I have spent another 170 dollars to buy yet another brand new phone.

mister Pollack sighn bad contract with Android Samsung phones. and is ripping the poor off.

I have contacted customer service I have in fact contacted the headquarters in Miami spoke with countless managers and all the agents are trained to dance around the subject if they're ripping consumers off. I would like something done about this because I work hard for my money !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I, too, have a samsung galaxy 2 phone for almost 1 year and no problems until 1 month ago. I noticed after 2 weeks of refilling my service that my 4G was turned off I called customer service and they told me I buy elated their terms and conditions.

they told me I should be using wifi when I am home I was really mad and they would not put me in touch with the supervisor. today, July 20th, after 4 days of renewing my minutes and cell phone plan I am off again turned off from having any 4G service. I call to speak to customer service and ask for a manager when I was told I violated terms and conditions. BS!!!

like I said, I just renewed my contract for days ago and when I was home if I did happen to use the internet I would always turn on my wifi. this is a breach of contract they did not put me through to a supervisor the *** I spoke to told me that he is not allowed to put me through to a manager or supervisor. I have for straight talk phones throughout my family and you can bet that tomorrow I am going to the bank and disputing all four charges which we just renewed over the past week.

I'm sure they will be a lawsuit soon and I wish I knew how to start one. this is so wrong $50 a month I own a 350 dollar phone and I can even use it the way I'm supposed to.