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On July 4th I found a charge for $50.38 on on my online bank statement from a company I had never heard of before. I generally only use my bank card for groceries at Wal*Mart and to pay for visits to the doctor...I'm currently disabled.

So, I couldn't think of any reason out of the ordinary why that charge was there. When I do my shopping online, I use my credit card in the event of a dispute. Because my bank statement not only listed the company's name, but also the phone number I did a search based on that number and came up with information about a phone scam...but these people didn't call me. So, I looked up the company and it turns out it's a wireless company and owned by Wal*Mart.

I called up the number and got a refund, but now it shows that they again taken money from my account in the same amount: $50.38.

I will be contacting my bank on Monday, as well as the BBB and FTC. Obviously there's some identity theft going on here.

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I dont have straight talk and I just got charged 7 times for 31.20 that is 218.40 so my bank called me had to file a police report n get a new card. I called them to see who used my card and they wouldn't give me any information they can take my money but can't tell me who used it or give me the number or account of the person that stole money from me so I can give it to the cops so they can find them. Straight talk is a piece of *** company....


Straight Talk is a rip off company I had over draft on my debit card straight talk in Florida emptied, my account of 448.26 called this # 800-299-7784 and talked with Straight Talk they said contact my bank to resolve problem.


Just found a fraudulent charge for $331.22 on my debit card statement charged by "Straight Talk". I first googled what this was and found out it was a pay as you go prepaid wireless phone service.

I called the number that appeared on the statement 800-299-7784. I explained I have been a victim of fraud and I did not purchase anything form them. The first question they asked.. what is the phone number on the account.

AGAIN.. I have no account with you guys! Second question.. what is your credit card number?

REALLY!? I am calling about fraud on my debit card and you want me to give you my credit card number.

I did give my name and they could see the charge but claim they cannot see the phone number affiliated with the charge. BULL *** People BE AWARE!!


worthless phone service,misleading with unlimited plan which is straight up ***, it is until you use up your data then they provide 2gig service thats so freaking worthless you might as well go to a library and look up the information you need by doing it the the old school way. warning if you use your phone for business you will spend far more than if you would by going with a contract phone. I am done with this stupid *** *** company.


Sounds like some third party has your bank info. I have Straight Talk and they're great!


I, too, found a fraudulent charge of $47.40, on my most recent credit card bill. I called Straighttalk and was told to contact my bank, which was going to be my next call anyways. I have started fraud investigation and also requested that future charges from Straightalk be rejected.


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


I just found two charges on my phone from Straight Talk for $59.19!! I never signed up for this !!!


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please click on this link http://bit.ly/2gQCmUz?caseId= to chat with a live agent.

For your convenience, you may contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-877-430-2355. Our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.


Sure, I'm going to give my personal info out to a complete stranger. How dumb do you think I am?


Maria, that is the most foolish request I've ever heard! Who would give you their personal banking information after your fraudulently charging people including myself for services NEVER requested! I'm contacting my bank now to dispute your charge!


And too, I never held an account with Straight Talk. Obviously you failed to read the complaint.


I got unlimited data on my phone. Then they said I violate my data usage.and turned my data off.

I just had gotten time on my phone.this has happen 3 months in a row m it is bull s... I paid for my time.so put it bk on my phone.i haven't violate nothing.


Straight Talk Wireless are blatant identity thieves. They tapped my credit card account for over $135.00 per month for three months before I caught it.

The funds were credited back to me soon after I reported the situation to my cc company and changed card numbers. They obviously prey on cc customers who do not pay close attention to their accounts and suck up the funds and cry "honest mistake" to those who catch them red handed.


I purchase the phone and unlimited 30 days plan from Straight Talk after activated the phone and service pin online, I cannot make any phone calls because of no airtime. I call their customer service and spen almost 2 hours with them.

They still cannot got the issue resolved. I am so very upset.


Aug. 1st I pd my Straight Talk with my debit card as usual.

It got taken out of my acct..but here it is Aug 8 and no airtime on my cell!!!! No phone to call them to complain..so relying on email!!!!

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