Pensacola, Florida

So I'm a little short on cash this month so I just get my gf the 30 dollar card. I call to put the minutes on my phone and it says its not compatible..I called customer service and get this woman who obviously isn't listening to what I'm telling her (or just doesn't speak english)..I tell her that there's nothing on the phone or card that says the 30 dollar card and phone aren't compatible..she says to take it to walmart..I try to explain I worked at wm for 2yrs and I know they won't take back a phonecard with the pin already exposed..then she repeats herself..I repeat myself..she repeats her self..this goes on for about 10 mins..until finally I just hang up ..all I can say is *** STRAIGHT TALK..I'm going back to boost

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Everybody should know the $30 cards dont work whit a smartphone. The front of the box with the phone in it tells you that.

I cant stand when people buy something and dont read but then complain. Unbelievable.

Plus you work at walmart, you should know. I am pretty sure you scanned straight talk phones quite often.


You baught a 30 dollar card for an android phone which is not compatible..only the 45 dollar one is as it uses sorry your the *** here

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