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I lost my straight talk phone but I have a back up phone that I was just going to transfer and activate. My plan was to deactivate the lost phone, activate the new phone and transfer the number.

There is no place to deactivate phones. That needs to change. Also, I have been through and through the web site trying to get a phone to work and every dead end I come to says to call customer service. I DONT HAVE A PHONE!

The web site needs to be updated to where the customer doesn't have to make calls to get a provided service. I am trying to get service so I cant call you to get it. Maybe you can make it where the inactivated phones can all emergencies and customer service only. When I almost was able to do the upgrade thing it asked for a phone number of the new phone.

Well, the number you gave me was (T99)1993878, and guess what, the place to type in the number doesn't accept letter. Why was that even given in the first place? Every time I need to transfer numbers or reactivate phones the process takes way too long and it is more difficult than need be.

Please make your website more usable. And I would love to be contacted by Straight Talk Wireless but I DONT HAVE A WORKABLE PHONE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

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