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"¢ In December of 2010 Straight Talk offered a special you buy the service card either 30.00 or 45.00 and they gave you the Samsung R355C free with over night shipping. GREAT DEAL!

So I borrowed my grandmas credit card(#1) which was a VISA and I ordered 3 phones. A combination of 30 cards and 45 dollar cards cannot remember how many of each. Totaling around $120.00 which was an awesome deal. So I turned around and ordered two more, with a different credit card(#2).

I ordered a 30.00 card and a 45.00 card ( plus the free phones ) so with taxes my total was $80.25 this was charged to my visa not my grandmas and this was on 12-15-10. After receiving these phones I figured Id try to order my step daughter one so she could have a better phone than what she already had. I tried to order this with a different card, this time my MasterCard ending in 0968 we will call this card #3. I then got a email saying they were out of stock due to high demand.

Which was okay, we had already got a great deal on the others. Then on January 8th,2010 I got a charge on the mastercard ending in 0968 for $96.30 so I called straight talk to see why this charge was on there? They told me they seen no record of the charge on their end and they used my name and credit card number. So since they did not have information on their end I was instructed by Straight Talk employees Vince and Stephanie to contact my bank and dispute the charge because with no information on their end they could not do anything.

So I did that and money was refunded to the card and no issues. Then all of a sudden April 27,2011 my husband and step daughters phone quit working. I had assumed it was the bad weather we had been having but they were still not working the next morning. So I called straight talk.

( also, I gifted the other 3 phones I had ordered and I contacted those people to see if their phones were working and they were not ). Upon calling straight I was told that I have filed an invalid dispute and inorder to get my phones back on I had to pay $165.00 by money order to them. I told them that the dispute I opened and filed had nothing to do with these phones that are shut off. The dispute that was filed was on a charge of $96.30 that no one could even find record of to tell me what the charge was for and the phones were paid for by different debit cards.

I told them I had the receipts and everything and I was instructed by their company to file the dispute. My husbands phone is his business phone and is printed on hundreds of tshirts and business cars and vehicles. I have spent over 8 hours trying to fix this and talked to I don't even know how many people and I do not know what to do right now because the phones are still not working but yet they were paid for by debit card #1 and debitcard #2 and the dispute was filed on the mysterious charge on debit card #3. No one can give me answers to anything.

I want to know what serial numbers were activated from Debit card #1 and Debit card #2. If they could prove that, they would see they were paid for.

And debit card #3 was never used to order anything because the product was out of stock and didn't even total up to $96.30 to begin with. Contact email: Thanks for the time!

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Sorry to hear your story, and i know how painful it is to deal with straighttalk customer service. But next time keep in mind, prepaid is very useful to hide your real info that can be misused by such companies, I never gave them my real name or credit card no.

( use virtual credit card from bank of america or giftcards) so there is no way they can track back to you in such cases, never give them advantage over you since they are truely unreliable when it comes to refund.

Why bother giving them same info for all the phones you buy? Just for future, keep them in dark like they do to you.


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